Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Archbishop Benson Idahosa

There was a time in the land of Benin when there was no rain, I mean rain refused to fall.
So, the Traditional King as of that time called all the pastors in the Land to try their God since other gods have failed them..
Among these men of God was Archbishop Benson Idahosa, he was the least among them, he was only just a young Evangelist then..

The king said: “We have tried our best to see that rain fall but all to no avail”
“We have summoned all the gods we know, but they have all failed us, this time around, you people are our final hope we want to try your own God”

And one of the pastors there replied the King: “Your Highness, give us some times, we will get back to you, let us go and pray and fast about this issue we will certainly give you feedback”
At the hearing of this, Archbishop Benson Idahosa was very angry and displeased..
To him, this was one of the greatest insults to the name of God, a true living God for that matter.

He said to all of them: “The rain must fall and it must be now”. They were like what is this small boy trying to say?
But before you knew it, he prayed and the sky became cloudy and suddenly rain began to fall mercilessly..”
May we be the solution our generation is looking for in Jesus Name!

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