What Exactly Do We Want? Stage Or God?

what exactly do we want? Stage or God?

What if I tell you that you are heavily anointed?
What if I tell you that some graces you still pray about are already at work in you?
What if you are the only solution to the same problem you frequently complain about?
The reason some of us have not realized the graces upon our lives is because we are waiting to test it in church. We are waiting for the day we’ll have microphone and a set of young people we will make to fall under the anointing.

A percentage of the healing grace is already on you but you have kept it for the day you’ll stand in front of a crowd and begin to minister to the sick.
Your mum is sick at home but you’re busy struggling with your pastor on getting a privilege to minister in church.
You keep delaying the healing of the poor woman. When will you wake up?
You’re quick to prescribe drugs for your sick sister but when you get to church, you are trying to minister to the sick.
The issue is, what exactly do we want? Stage or God?

After tonging for several hours in a meeting, you still chicken out because of a useless dream you had that same night.
Who did this to us?
How can you be praying this much and a young lady still died of suicide around you and you never knew?
How come God never told you about it?
Well, maybe God tried to reach you but you’re just too consumed with your lust for stage and microphone.
When the disciples will not move out, God scattered them by allowing persecution.
Who would believe that the same Philip who was a cook in church could become a raw evangelist outside the church?
The only reason you’ve not discovered what you have is because you are always thinking God is raising you so you can stand on the stage.

Some of you may never be anything more than a mere chorister until you begin to pay attention to what God is doing inside you. Until you open up your mind for God to use you beyond your local church.
The same Gideon who was hiding was now the one who destroyed the altars of baal and asherah.
He didn’t know that he was a mighty man of valour. Maybe he was waiting for God to send them a deliverer. He never knew that he was the answer to that prayer.
Enough said, see beyond your local church.
Pay attention to the students you teach in class. See the woman who always sells food for you.

What about that market woman?
What about the lady who usually makes your hair? She’s a Christian but she’s barren. She’s planning to visit a herbalist tomorrow because she is already giving up on God.
Kai! There is a teenager who is planning to do money ritual this week, why will God not send me?
Are you available or you still need a special invitation as the great “Man of God” before you can minister?
God is raising witnesses. Men who don’t necessarily want title; they just want Jesus to be glorified.

I desire the testimony of Jesus. After Jesus was anointed with the Holy Ghost and power, he didn’t limit it to church. He went about doing good and healing all that oppressed of demons.
Don’t get me wrong, I am condemning church ministry. The balance is that, you’re equipped in the church for the work of ministry outside the church.
Abi what’s fire that cannot affect my immediate environment?
God is saying to someone, go in this strength of yours.

You may not be able to raise the dead but you have a dimension of God at work in you. Many of the virtues in you will only begin to manifest when you decide to step out of the box.
Look around you and see ministry everywhere.
As God leads, move.
© Steven Olayiwola

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