Apostle Joshua Selman.
Apostle Joshua Selman.

There are some of us our gifts are dormant for a long time, very long time. That press in the spirit to activate you is an anomaly when you remain in the same spiritual level for a very long time. Something is wrong.
And when you are rising it’s obvious. Everybody knows that there’s a transition. Some of us are in the same position for a very long time because we are giving God barely enough.
There are some of us our dreams have seized, our visions have seized ,our encounters have seized, our passion for his glory have seized.
It never stopped by default. There are many of us; you use to see things before they happen right now it has dried up out of nothing because you are trying to look for a wife or look for a husband. Dry up; there’s nothing there again, no power, no grace.
All these things will keep making noise around in church. One person falls down and we jump around that’s nonsense.
There are higher dimensions. There are superior levels in the spirit beyond calling names and phone numbers.
There’s the spirit not the gift of prophecy. There’s the very spirit of it; the very operation of the prophetic realm where people receive testimony of Jesus without you speaking any message, the spirit of prophecy.
Men leave with encounters they can’t not explain. No matter how harden you are, when you come into this atmosphere something must surrender.
Truth of God’s word
That’s what happens when His presence comes. You cannot change men by the excellency of persuasions. No! It doesn’t work that way.
The presence; that’s what brings transformation. The presence; that’s what brings change. There’s nothing mysterious about it.
It’s only a price that very few desired to pay because we like things cheap, we like things easy. Anything that commit us, we do not want. We want results but we hate process.
Oh! We want to be mightily used. You want to stand and see the glory of God move around. Brother, there’s a price
It’s not a gift, it’s a reward. It’s a reward for diligence. It’s a reward for surrender. It’s a reward for total yieldedness. I used to hear Benny Hinn say it. Total yieldedness, that’s the price for anointing. Total yieldedness; not half hearted yieldedness.
How many musicians are here you have not brought one song from the spirit; it’s an entitlement on your call. It’s an entitlement on your gift. There are melodies in the spirit like waves but there’s a frequency with which your spirit must rise to and then you will capture these things.
The level of the sophistication of your spirit is the level to which you will capture.

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