“The Goal Of Any Travail Is To Bring Forth Children” – Apostle Michael Orokpo

Apostle Michael Orokpo
Apostle Michael Orokpo

Travail has a goal, it is not a goal itself. Imagine a woman in labour, she will not rejoice and remain in that labour pain, rather she’s in anticipation for her child is near…
In the travail of prayer, you should be expectant of children (results)
Prayer is a means to an end. There are many things that should happen when we pray, results is the most important. Travailing in the place of prayer must have children to show as a testimony for your travail.

Why do we travail???
There are portals in the Spirit that you travel through by prayer. We don’t pray for length of time but for access.
Prayer is not about how long you prayed, but the access that you secure while praying.
If you don’t know that prayer is a transport system, you will remain on earth shaking your head while those that have understanding about the portal will ascend.

Many calculate successful prayer by the number of hours spent there, but there is someone somewhere that accessed the throne room in a limited time and is communicating from the other realm.
When a man is praying and praying consistently, you will observe the will of the father is manifested in his life. Men of old pray into specific purposes and they knew the will of God like they knew their name.
People remain confused because they don’t know the will of the Father.. Prayer is not a religious thing, it is God’s strategy for isolating the purpose of creation.

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