As transcribed by David Loh

Pst Kingsley Okonkwo: “How did you get here?”

Tomi Arayomi: Erm, born of Nigerian Parents, erm… education is a must and my dad used to say to me, “what do you want to be when you’re older?”, I said “dad I want to be a rapper” Doctor! Good (his response). That’s all he heard, you know you’re a doctor, you’re a lawyer, you’re an engineer… they call it the Nigerian dream right?
So um all of a sudden, I had failed this exams that will determine whether or not I go into a very top school or we go into what we call comprehensive learning and I felt so badly that we ended up in comprehensive and my brother had failed as well, been an identical twin, we married one another’s failures I guess… and um that night, I said to whoever was in the sky, whoever I met when I was five (5), I said if you’re real, show me who I am or tonight, I’m just gonna end my life.

I had no idea my identical twin brother was praying the same prayer. We shared a room a kinda bunk bed, howbeit, we always stayed together on the bottom, we did a upside down thing. That night, I went to sleep and I had a dream and in this dream, I crawled through this hole in my house, and bearing in mind, I was overweight then, so to get through that hole, you needed some grease, so but I got through, very excited, saw myself, a version of me on the stage, and um I was doing what I now know as preaching, what I now know as prophesying.

In my Catholic grid, there was no terminology for that, so I just called it “Shouting”. So there were thousands of people and this kinda rainbow lights were going over them as I was talking, then I was transported over to the stage where I met this being of just brilliant light, wasn’t a color, you can’t call him black, white, you just call him light.
I knew it was the Lord, I didn’t know the Lord’s name, even though I went to Catholic church we just read the mass books every Sunday, so I didn’t really have an affinity to who this being was, but I knew it was God in the dream and He said “My son, you asked me, this is what I’ve called you to”… and I woke up from the dream, my brother opens his eyes and we sit up at the same time, and he said I just had a dream, and I said me too.

So what was your dream? He said “I crawl through this hole in my house, I came out the other side and I saw myself on the stage, and this being of bright light said my son you asked me and this is what I called you too”, so it turned out we had the exact same dream, at the exact same time, and the exact same night and it was then that our journey began.

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