This Gloria Bamiloye’s advice to married women was curled from Gloria Bamiloye’s Interview with Yemisi Adeniran.

The moment I got married to my husband, the Lord opened my eyes to see my home as a ministry. If you want to make it in life, as a married woman, your home must be given the lead priority. Don’t do things that will take your home away from you or else you will be neglected by the society. The glory of God will not be seen. All the women in the Bible that have made it and that have impacted greatly on life, all had their homes intact.

A Good Marriage is not Automatic – Gloria Bamiloye

Before I got married, I wanted to work the way men do. But the moment I got married, God said that my home is my first ministry. Women ought to build their homes because a wise woman builds her home. Deborah was a prime minister during her own time and she never joked with her home. When a woman builds her home, she builds a nation. God can now commit worthwhile assignments into your hands. Your vision will be established and realised. But if you fail Him in the area of your home, it means you have failed before God. This has been my principle and I have fought tooth and nail to abide by it.

Interview with Gloria Bamiloye

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There was a time I was pregnant, there was a time I was raising my children. But all these things were done under the ministry. I see both as my assignment. Whether while I was on location or at home, I must be up to the expectations. When I am cooking for my family, taking care of my children, I see all as a ministry. Anywhere I function, either at home or in the ministry, I want to be faithful because that is what God will see, not what you are doing. If you are faithful to your husband, you are faithful to God and that is what God will reward. He doesn’t give us the home to take away the ministry from us or give you the ministry and take away the home from you. I see both together. If you are a nursing mother and you cannot go for ministration, don’t feel sad because what you are doing is still a ministration. God gave you the baby so you are ministering to God through the baby and the baby needs you.

Gloria Bamiloye’s Advice to Ministers’ Wives

Some people have neglected their homes all in the name of serving God. I want the women who are married to really handle their homes with fear. Because when the home is good, the society will also be good and the church of God will also be good. I’m advising our sisters to take time to build themselves in the Lord’s presence. Love God. When you love God, you will obey him. When you summit to your husband, it will not be difficult. When you love God, to rear your children in the fear of God will not be difficult. Be faithful to your husband. Be a good mother to your children, love them, keep them in the home and give them good food. This will make them to grow fine and also to love God. They need your prayers and love.

The home is the greatest ministry every woman needs to build for herself. Be fruitful in the vineyard of God and be devoted to God. When we do that, God will take us to the highest level and you will be settled till the right man comes your way. So, our mothers and our sisters should take the home as their menu. If you don’t build yourself and be strong in the Lord, you can be easily deceived. Husbands too should love their wives as Christ loves the Church. Read also, How I met my husband – Gloria Bamiloye

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