Many of us are yet to understand that we have been divinely marked by God in the realm of the Spirit. You still wonder why some strange and uncommon things happen to you.
You know deep down within you that there’s a better life that is still locked up down there. There’s an assignment that predates your existence; you were sent to carry it out. At a point in your life, the Spirit will begin to beckon on you. You’ll begin to feel strange even in the midst of your fellows.

I remember many years ago; that I once travelled from my town to a near by town to celebrate a cousin’s wedding. I couldn’t attend the church program since I came a little late. I had to rush straight to the hall that would be used for the “Reception”.
As I got there, the couple were yet to arrive so I had to sit with some old family friends. I then began to hear roaring and groaning from a near by hall.
Some Seminarians had organized a prayer programme and they were gathered praying. I began to get uncomfortable; it was as if something was calling on me.

Note that I was not the only one hearing that sound of prayers; but I was the only one that was uncomfortable.
I stood up and told my people that I’ll be back.
I traced the voices to the hall and met young people like me, praying and seeking God.
Ah! My heart burnt.
I went straight to one of the protocols and humbly asked if I could join them, since many wore a common T-shirt that must have been designed for that program.

The guy welcomed me and told me that I was free to join. Instantly, the appetite for wedding left me totally. I stayed there and prayed together with them.
After the program, I still moved with some of the organizers of the program as they took me to the room of the officiating minister..
They became my friends easily since we feel the same.
I came for a wedding program but the deep has a different call for me.

The voice of destiny beckons on you. The prayers and cries of the people God sends you to deliver have gone up to God.
That’s why you sometimes don’t feel like eating. That’s why you began to lose appetite for the things that used to excite you in the past.
That’s why you sometimes wake up in the night and sleep is wiped off your eyes. God wakes you up so you can begin to labour in prayers and word for the preparation of your assignment.
When the Israelites began to cry out to God in pain from Egypt, God had to interrupt the plans of Moses. Moses was the answer to that prayer. He was the saviour that would be sent.

The more he delays, the more they remain in pain. God had to distract him with burning bush. God had to answer all his questions and ensure that he yielded to the assignment.
When are you going to start responding? When are you going to stop comparing yourself with your friends?
Imagine Moses comparing himself to other people of his age. The other people do not have the same kind of assignment as he had.
Your assignment is bigger that’s why God is serious about you. That’s why he denies you of some pleasures even though they are not sinful.
Dear Moses, you can’t live like others. The people of God are suffering in Egypt. They are waiting for you sir. They are in pains.
The more you sleep, the more you eat, the more you refuse to obey God; you delay their salvation.
Won’t you rather rise up to the call of destiny?

© Steven olayiwola

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