Let’s start by thinking carefully about this fact: do you know that what we call church is NOT always synonymous with Jesus Christ?
That is, in many cases, Jesus may go in one direction, while ‘the church’ may decide to go in the opposite direction!
In such a situation, the believers that have become too accustomed to the church will follow the church in that other direction – AWAY FROM CHRIST! Just think about that….
But when a believer has learnt to follow Jesus ONLY, he’ll be able to IMMEDIATELY detect when a church begins to stray away from Him.
And he’ll be able to take ANY necessary action – interceding, exhorting, warning, etc. And ABANDONING the church if they don’t repent!
This is because God NEVER called any believer to FOLLOW CHURCH!!!
Rather, He called us to FOLLOW JESUS.
It is worth repeating that Jesus and what WE call church are NOT ALWAYS on the same page! Particularly in this end-time. Particularly in these days that the Bible tells us that some believers will DEPART from the faith (1 Timothy 4:1). They will depart from the faith – yet they would still be called CHURCH!
In Matthew 24:24, Jesus warned about FALSE PROPHETS that will invade Christianity in the Last Days. He said, if it was possible, these false prophets would even deceive the elect! Clearly, these false prophets will NOT be operating in mosques. Their operational base will be in what WE call church!
There’s more. Apostle Paul was clear that some Christian ministers would ‘STEAL’ believers away from Christ! Yes, right in the church! This is recorded in Acts 20:30. Speaking to the CHURCH LEADERS in Ephesus, Apostle Paul said, “… and from AMONG YOUR OWN SELVES will arise men speaking twisted things, to DRAW AWAY the disciples after them.” Leaders drawing away disciples from Jesus – right in the church!!!
Also, in the church in Laodicea, we see Jesus CALLING OUT unto Himself the believers that could still hear His knock (Rev 3:20). These are the ONLY believers that Jesus promised to fellowship with. Please read that verse carefully.
Every WATCHFUL believer must learn this important lesson: what WE call church is not ALWAYS synonymous with Jesus.
In this perilous end-time, a wise believer will know when to WALK AWAY (or even run away!) from a church to follow Jesus. But if a believer has not learnt to walk PRIMARILY with Jesus, he’ll not be able to escape the danger of the CHURCH CROWD!
When a believer TRULY knows Jesus, He’ll be able to recognise the TRUE Body of Christ. If you do not know THE HEAD, you can never, ever know THE BODY! So, it is in finding Christ that we’ll find His TRUE Body on earth.
As Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24, deception has GROWN WILDLY in this end-time in what WE call church. This is why God is today calling you to Jesus! To follow Him closely. For when you follow Him closely, you’ll find His GENUINE church in due season.
It may take time, but if Jesus is the One that’s truly leading you by His Spirit, He’ll CERTAINLY plant you in the fellowship of His Body – in His own time. And in His own way.
Right now, your SOLE FOCUS should be on how to follow Jesus more closely. For God DID NOT call you to follow church – He called you to follow Jesus. If you are confused about this, please commune with Jesus, He’ll show you the truth.
For He is closer to you than you think.
And He loves you more than you can ever imagine!
TODAY, He’s waiting for your call. If you desire an INTIMATE WALK with Him, please, just pick up the spiritual phone and DIAL HIS NUMBER.
He is waiting for your call ….
Thanks for reading, God bless you.

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