I woke up one day and a particular song kept crossing my mind. It was as if the song was being played in my ears or someone was singing the song.
While I was having my bathe, the song came but I merely sang it once and I forgot about it.
I was about doing something else, the song came again. It was just as if someone was playing the song to me.
You know the funniest thing? It was not a trending song. It was one of the early songs sang by a particular gospel minister.
You wouldn’t naturally want to sing such song.

I know that I had had this kind of experience several times when a song will keep playing in my mind through out the day and I’d pay little or no attention.
This time around, I just couldn’t resist the sound. Something was drawing me to the sound.
I began to feel the need to sing the song. Not just casually, but to sit intentionally and journey with the sound.
I picked up my guitar and entered into the bathroom. Don’t mind me, I love the acoustic of the bathroom.
I began to play the song. After few minutes of playing and singing, it was as if someone had taken over the song from me.
I couldn’t stop singing.

I didn’t know that I was already singing loud. I kept repeating the same chorus over and over.
Not too long, I started crying. I still didn’t know why I was crying. It just felt like that was what the Holy Ghost wanted of me for that time.
I understand that sometimes, your unexplainable tears before God, could be the Holy Ghost praying in you with groanings words cannot explain.
There are times that the best way you can relate with God is not with any intelligent words; you just begin to shed tears.
You’ll cry and feel a strange satisfaction within you.

The Holy Ghost was trying to woo me with the sound.
I truly enjoyed that communion.
One thing you should learn about the Holy Ghost is that, he is obsessed about intimacy.
Have you ever wondered why the grace is of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God but the fellowship is of the Holy Spirit?
Holy Spirit many times uses signs to seek your attention.
Sometimes, it could be a sound just like the case I just narrated.
Sometimes he wakes you up in the middle of the night and sleep is totally wiped off your face.

Other times you just lost appetite for everything that used to take your time and attention.
You’re in the midst of your family and friends and you suddenly began to feel bored.
They were laughing but nothing just sounds funny to you.
You tried chatting on social media but it just felt boring.
Friend, the Holy beckons on you.
Just find a secluded place and begin to fellowship with him.

Many of us would have gotten the answers to some of our prayer points cheaply if we had responded to His wooing. He’d have told you on the platform of intimacy.
I know how you feel as you read this. You just feel like praying. A hunger is rising from within you.
Something is drawing you right now.
Do not shut your ears to the voice of your lover.
He seeketh your attention.
He says: “Dear lover, are you home?”

There’s something you need to understand about the holy Spirit. It is that he has this feminine character of seeking attention.
He always wants to have a deep love fellowship with his lover.
You understand the feeling of having someone you love?
Sometimes you really do not have something particular to talk about, all you just want is to be around the one whom your heart desires. Time and attention is one of the signs of true love. You are not too busy to attend to someone whom you truly love.

For those of you in relationship, you understand how you just eagerly desire to go on a “Date” with your lover. You want to hang around him or her for as long as you can.
Hmm… Do you know that the Holy Ghost actually wishes to take you on a date?
Several times he had fixed appointment, ordered food and several other beautiful things but he waited and waited for you to show up. Painfully, you were busy chatting on Facebook, you were seeing movies, you were gisting with friends, you just didn’t have his time.

He waited to have a nice time with you but you were rather having a nice time with your phone.
He tried to distract you. The network suddenly went bad. The browsing was quite slow. You still didn’t know that he (Holy Spirit) was seeking your attention.
What did you do?
You changed the sim you were using to browse. You switched to another network. Kai! If only you saw that he was waiting for you. If only you knew what he had prepared for you that day. You ignored your lover for another lover. You hurt him so deeply.

You made him realize that you had something better than him. He waited and waited; from morning till night. You were jumping from one place to the other.
“Even if it is just five minutes, can I please talk to you?” The Holy Ghost cried.
But you see, you were just too busy to hear. Though he was hurt, he still forgave you. Hoping that you’ll have his time the following day.
He woke you up in the middle of the night. “At least, if you were busy all through the day, you should have my time now” he said.
What did you do? You tried to sleep back. This time around, sleep ran away from you. He had taken away sleep so he could talk to you. Instead of giving him your attention, you remembered you needed to respond to some chats online.

You switched on your data and began to browse. Holy Spirit was seated, waiting to just have your attention. You realized a lot of your friends on WhatsApp had slept so you decided to check Facebook. At least you’ll get entertained by the post on your “Newsfeed”. You started seeing all forms of videos, laughing and enjoying yourself.
That was how you stormed into pornography. You masturbated all through the night. You were having deep intimacy with demons where as, the Holy Ghost waited on you.

Hmm.. when will you respond to the call of the deep? When will you respond to the beckoning of your lover? David would cry for God not to take away the Holy Spirit from him. Yet you have that same Holy Spirit permanently in you but you gave him little or no attention.
You can’t keep running away you know? God is talking to you. Stop seeking for things that do not satisfy.
I know this voice is not strange to you. Again, the spirit beckons on you. What do you say?

Source: Steven Olayiwola

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