How I Struggled With Evil Thoughts!

There was a period in my life I struggled with evîl thoughts.
I became scared of staying alone because of these thoughts (it was that bad).
I could be sitting peacefully, & start having thoughts like, “what if you get hit by a car?”, “what if this building collapses on you?”
Vivid, ugly scenarios played in my head, & sometimes, I’d scream. I could almost touch these thoughts, they were like ugly creatures, so ugly.
I tried so many things but none worked.
I was almost frustrated,until one day,I came across Philippians 4:8, & it became my battle axe.

Phil 4:8 says, “whatsoever things are pure… honest… of good report… if there be any virtue or praise, THINK on these things.”
I read it again and again till it sank. I was determined to fight with it and I did.
Whenever these thoughts came, I’d immediately OPEN MY MOUTH and start to declare, “These thoughts are not pure, these thoughts are not holy, these thoughts are not good, so I reject them, they’re not for me!”
I always made sure to declare these things with all my strength.

At some points, I’d burst out in tears because it seemed the more I declared the more it continued. It was frustrating.
But did I stop? Nope. The devil don buy market.
I kept at it.
One day, while doing my house chores, I stopped in my tracks and immediately asked out loud, “what happened to me?”
Several months had passed, and I didn’t even realize the thoughts had stopped coming.

When it stopped I do not know, but I know HOW, oh, I do…
Here’s the secret: No one fights with the WORD & loses, NO ONE.
The battle might appear worse after praying, fasting, declaring the word, but that’s just the devil trying out his last strategies.

While he appears to be heaping more coals of dust, you keep heaping more coals of fire (the word, and prayers).
Eventually, one will get tired, eventually, one will give up, and that one is NOT you.
No be you go give up.
Here’s how I knew I was completely free; I tried thinking of the things I used to fear, but I couldn’t.
I knew I had won. I had really won.
When next you hear someone say, “The word of God is powerful”, believe it.
Jesus has made you free, dear believer, CLAIM YOUR VICTORY
I really hope this blessed you?

© Beautiful_Yet_Godly

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