Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on 'THE WITNESS OF MIGHTY WORKS' (Part 1).
Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘THE WITNESS OF MIGHTY WORKS’ (Part 1).

Praise the Lord!
Bless Him for His Word. The Bible declares that the entrance of His Word gives light and even understanding unto the simple. Father, we thank You; we bless You because You are a good God, You are a great God, You a marvelous God.

Lord, appear to me by Your Word; change my life, heal every infirmity in the name of Jesus Christ.
I’ll like to charge you that you should be very intentional about the presence of God and I want you to believe that Jesus is in this place. We are not acting; this is not some movies that we are acting. We are before the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the One who is able to change lives, the One who is able to turn an age long situation overnight. It is important that you are aware, that you are not just standing before one who founded a religion called Christianity.

That the testimonies that you heard are only tokens, they are a sign to what God wants to do in your life and the Bible says, blessed is he that believes.
Miracles are not magic; they are two different things. A miracle is proof that there is a God in Heaven; a miracle is proof that that God is alive, a miracle is proof that, that God is mighty. A Miracle is proof that God loves. So, I’ll like your heart to be opened; I know that week in, week out, we gather from several places and nations, people make sacrifices from several nations, literally every week and it is important that we are intentional about this gathering so we do not waste our time.
As for me, I have assured you again and again that there is no time you will gather here and share the grace, going back disappointed. Hallelujah!

So, I’ll like to charge your heart because sometimes, believers can be careless with the presence of God. The Bible showed us that a man, Jacob (Genesis 28) was very careless and nonchalant with an encounter that would change him and as a result of that carelessness, he paid the price for 20 years, the next scene in his life was pain in the house of Laban. By the time God appeared again in Chapter 32, he was stronger, more discerning and more intentional. He held unto Him and said, “I will not let you go. I made that mistake once; I know what it cost me.”
So, don’t just celebrate what God is doing in the life of others; as wonderful as that is, don’t just celebrate what God is doing in the house – you must have the determination that Elisha had to receive from Elijah. Church Gist. He was not distracted. “We are going this way.., he said no problem, I will still go” until he got to a point where the prophet said, “if you can see me…” Was he not looking already?
Listen, there is something about the power and the grace of God in the midst of His people. You have to realize that people come to church for several reasons. There are others who come as spectators. There are others who are sent by God to that meeting because something about the destinies connected to them needs to be unveiled. There are others who are sent because they are God’s final sign of mercy over their families, that if they miss that opportunity….

So, it is very important that we do not become careless. Believers have turned church and sadly I know that we’ve had all kinds of experiences, I can assure you, Koinonia is not a place of show. No! We are too serious with God for that kind of thing.
The price of every destiny is the blood of Jesus, we cannot afford to toy and play games with God’s people. People have come with burdens, pains, troubles; others have come with passion and desire to be directed and to be mentored. There are others who have come to take this fire; some of you are in ministry and this thing is not working and you know there is a way. Church Gist. Some of you, this meeting came to you in dreams that God sent you and said, “Come, this is the answer to the things you’ve been asking for.” You cannot imagine the prayer investments, the Word investments, the spiritual discipline that goes in for one service.

Let the healing river of Jesus flow to every sick body right now. Every medical condition; in the name of Jesus, the Son of the living God, that same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, in the name that is above all names; let that Spirit quicken your mortal body!
This is Koinonia, the House of God and the place of encounters.

In the name of Jesus Christ, may tonight be for you a night of encounters in the name of Jesus!

God bless you!
Two encouragements very quickly and then, we’ll get to the Word:
1). We thank God for the marvelous testimonies and the things that God is doing in our midst, week in, week out. Let me encourage everyone that we are a house, a people who are very intentional about hearing what God has done and He is doing in our lives. Church Gist. We are not careless about the workings of God in our lives at all and I want to encourage you, many, many people have received testimonies and continue to receive testimonies as a result of the impact of the Word; may I encourage you to do well to register your testimony with the media department.
2). We are a spiritual people who are also a people of responsibility and may I encourage you, every one of you, realize that you are not only an ambassador of the Kingdom, you are an ambassador of this Ministry. Do well to see to it that in and through your life, several people who are not saved, who need the touch and the power of God over their lives; make sure that you give them an opportunity to come and encounter Jesus.

Ingathering for us as a ministry is beyond just looking for crowd or more people. God has already honoured us beyond that realm of carnality. It is a passion to see that as many people who need to be saved, transformed and delivered are saved.
The Church is not a place where we continue to recycle membership from one place to the other. It is important that our focus in ingathering be those who needs salvation. We need people who are unsaved, unreached, so that they can also begin their journey into the Kingdom experience, then off course, all others follow. Church Gist. Those in need of transformation, healing, deliverance and all of that. But my passion and my desire is that, God will continue to add daily, as many as should be saved.
Praise the name of the Lord!
I just felt stirred in my heart again to encourage those of us who are in ministry here and following; I know there are so many people who connect with the meeting. You are a pastor, you in the fivefold; let me encourage you that we must continually obtain grace from the Lord to see to it that all the people who He commits to our grace are well-fed.
Acts 20:28 – He’s giving a charge here to Ministers; take heed, be sensitive and be intentional. I tell you, there is nothing that pains my heart like seeing believers who are ill-fed, poorly fed, confused, no spiritual direction, no accuracy, understanding or doctrines. This is the assignment of the fivefold. So this is a charge with all my love and honour to ministers of the Gospel; we must be very intentional about seeing that every time believers are gathered, whether it is online or a local gathering like this, provided you have access to the ears, hearts and the spirits of God’s people, you must be international about communicating truths.
God looks at the hearts of men and the passions of men to trust them with members. God will not just trust people with membership when He knows that there is laziness, carelessness and unseriousness as far as communicating the Word is concerned. Church Gist. The primary assignment of a man of God as far as the maturity of the saints is concerned is found in Jeremiah 3:15. Don’t feed them with knowledge alone; preaching is feeding with knowledge; teaching is feeding with understanding. Preaching declares the truth that is consistent with scripture. Teaching explains the dynamics of the workings of the Word of God.
Preaching brings knowledge; teaching brings understanding. You need both. You have to feed them with knowledge (what to do) and understanding (how to do it) and it is my prayer that may this House remain Bethel, the place of bread; that never will there comes a time where you come and sit down and there will not be fresh manna from Heaven that makes for your spiritual edification.

God has declared over us that this is our year of Marvelous Light, it is not a cliché, it is not just a careless prophetic word that has come upon us. Our teachings all through this year will be in-line with this theme and I trust that God will up us to understand the very deep dimensions of Kingdom truths in Jesus’ name.

The Gospel is divided essentially into two dimensions:
1). The Message that saves. The revelation of the love of the Father, revealed in and through the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus, His Son. Man and creation being the object of that love and that sacrifice. Church Gist. So, the message of the Gospel is God’s plan to reach out to man and salvage him from the power of sin and satan through the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus. That is, His death, burial, resurrection and ascension. This is the basis for the believer’s salvation.
I once asked someone who is Jesus? He said, He is my elder brother. I said, well, prepare to go to hell fire. It is not a lie that Jesus is His elder brother but let me tell you this; it is not believing Jesus as your elder brother, I know where they got that revelation because the Bible calls Him the Firstborn among we, the begotten. At sometimes, we have to be careful with revelations. We have to know the level and the spiritual state of the believers who hear certain things. When a matured believer hears certain things like; He is your elder brother, he understands what this is. Church Gist. But if you tell a new believer, He’s your elder brother. Already, you have sown a seed that may send that person to hell. Believing Jesus as your elder brother is not what saves you. In fact, believing in Him as your brother is not what saves you. Believing Jesus as the founder of a religion is not what saves. There is a exact information about Jesus that saves; you must believe in His incarnation. The Bible says, He was the Word that became flesh.
You must believe that He walked upon the earth, lived a sinless life, He died, He was buried; descended to Hades, the place of the dead. You must believe that He resurrected on the third day. If you believe Jesus rose again, it matters that you know when he rose again and you must believe that He did not just resurrect and He was just roaming around the streets in Jerusalem. His ascension has an implication because it was at His ascension that His High Priestly duty was performed in the tabernacle in Heaven, based on the revelation given to Paul in the book of Hebrews.
The administration of the power that comes from that message is personal, that means, I cannot believe for you to be saved. You have to believe yourself. If I have the healing anointing, you don’t need to have the healing anointing to be healed, you just need to believe in Jesus and believe in me, the vessel and you will be healed. But salvation, new birth is not like that. Church Gist. You will have to hear the message and personally acknowledge the Lordship of Christ. There is no such thing as being saved for someone else. You can intercede for someone else’s salvation but everyone who is saved must come to the point where you personally understand the message of the Gospel and then your faith in Jesus as touching that information you have heard is what leads to your receiving eternal life.

2). The Gospel as an ideology that transforms society and territories. For a very long time, believers, especially among respectfully speaking, among the evangelical, we have been thoroughly taught the side of the Gospel that presents the message of salvation but most believers have not been taught the Gospel as an ideology that transforms society.
God’s desire for the believers is not only to be saved but that you are saved, transformed and empowered, so that the greatest need of the unbeliever is salvation. the greatest need of the believer is transformation and the greatest need of the transformed believer is empowerment and the greatest need of an empowered believer is character and humility. It is from the ideology of the Gospel that Christ is enthroned across a territory.
You can always know which of these two sides of the Gospel has been received by looking at the individuals within a territory and looking at the territory itself. When you find a territory that seems to experience advancement, it means the value system of the Kingdom has been adopted. Even though they may not acknowledge that those principles come from God. Church Gist. But that if you ever see anything that looks like Heaven on earth, it is because something about Heaven was honoured there. So we have different regions across the globe that may not acknowledge Jesus but they have taken the principles or the value system of the Kingdom and they have replicated it across their territories. You’ll find out that the individuals are going to hell, but the territory clearly looks like Heaven.
You can also find a territory where you do not see anything that necessarily looks like Heaven, but you can see individuals who are saved and sincerely love Jesus. Those individuals remain victims. Why? Because the territory is yet to be saved. So, both the believer and the territory need salvation. It is not only men that should be saved; territories can be born again too and when a territory is born again, the same thing that happens to an individual happens to that territory. Church Gist. Individuals can backslide; territories can backslide. Individuals can be transformed; territories can be transformed but the focus and the emphasis for a long time has been on the personal salvation of the individuals and that is important but should not be the only focus.
When you have a territory with a serious level of decadence, crime rate and all of that and yet, that territory has so many believers, something about the understanding of the Gospel, holistically is missing. You can be saved and not be safe. You need to be both saved and safe. I have always been passionate about seeing that the reality of the Gospel and the power of God that it is able to transform our territories, so that our territories can call upon the name of the Lord, not just individuals and history has taught us that, is possible for both individuals and territories to come under the Lordship of Christ. So, I know that God has helped us, the average believer who has been a serious church goer, even if not a serious believer, at least if you are frequent in church, you should not be at a lost as to the fact that preachers continue to communicate the need for personal salvation. But the challenge remains that, we must be trained to understand how to save nations. Jesus taught the disciples how to be saved and how to save nations. We have only taught how to save people; we have not taught how to save territories.
So, this two-part series is a very generous honest attempt to show us the ways of God and to guide us into understanding how to transform and bring territories under the Lordship of Christ. So, I’m teaching on a two-part series that I titled:
We are going to be learning the scriptural principles that can bring territories to experience the power and the grace of God, to come under the Lordship of Christ experientially. Part one tonight, we are going to be discussing:
Mark 6:2, Acts 4:1-21
The Bible is very clear as to the fact that God desires to see believers excel in their personal spiritual lives as an expression of the Excellency of the power and the workings of the Spirit within us. Church Gist. But much more than that, God desires for us to excel because the results that produced in and from our lives have a territorial implication as far as Kingdom advance is concerned.
Matthew 5:1-2, 13-16
Jesus is teaching us that our salvation is not just personal. There is a territorial component to our salvation and that this light, should not just give illumination to one person but it must give light to all who are in the house.
When God wants to bring salvation to territories, the first He does is to bring salvation to individuals and when He brings salvation to those individuals, He now uses those individuals to become a symbol of salvation to the territories and that one of the ways that He compels territories to be saved is through the witness of mighty works that comes from those who have experienced that salvation.
This is a world where you are not the only one preaching. The Bible tells us that result have a voice; that there is a sermon that result can give and that the territory is the audience of that sermon. There is a kind of language that evangelize and the territory has been trained to hear such language and the Bible calls it mighty works. That mighty works are also evangelists within a territory. Mighty works are also preachers; results are also messengers. Their assignment is to convert the territory the same way the individual has been converted.
Listen to me, I don’t know about you but let me talk about myself: if in one week nobody gets saved through my life, I’ll go for a retreat. One week, seven days? No one comes to Jesus or hear about Him? I’ll go for a retreat. I’m sure it may be so for many of us here. But how come our territories seems to be bankrupt of evangelism? There is a kind of evangelism that Abuja is waiting for. There is a kind of evangelism Nigeria is waiting for. Church Gist. In Acts 4, just one miracle of an impotent man, he was so notable, the man was standing, everybody had seen him, everybody knew him. Nobody was told to evangelize and spread that news. It was too notable to be quieted. It is impossible for those in power to ignore what everybody is talking about.
The power of personal result; that is from the result that we produce, the mighty works that are wrought in and through our hands by God, that will compel territories to acknowledge that there is a God in Heaven and then to submit to the Lordship and authority of that God.
Why do families, individuals and nations experience perpetual defeats, failure and hardship?
Proverbs 13:15
(A transgressor is a violator of an ordinance; a consistent defaulter).
Genesis 19:1-11
For as long as you are within a territory that does not call upon the name of the Lord, no matter how saved you are; no matter how alright you are, you are really not alright. Church Gist. You don’t have to look for trouble, those who are not saved will come out to look for your trouble.
The reason why the men could make advancement to open the door was because their eyes were opened. When the angels wanted to make their lives hard, what did the angel do? That means when the devil wants to make anybody’s life hard, he does not need to do anything to your hands or physical environment; blindness is associated with hardship.
Reasons why individuals are not able to command the kind results that will evangelize to a territory are:
1). Over-dependence on the strength of the flesh; Over-dependence on our abilities; connections, education, technology, you go to regions where Jesus seems to be a nuisance because they feel once you are educated and technologically advanced, you do not need Him again (Proverbs 3:5-6). We have acknowledged our brains, IT, relationships but we are yet to acknowledge God. God is looking for nations that can say, we are the nations that as a corporate people, we have acknowledged the Lordship of Jesus Christ unashamedly.
1 Samuel 2:9
We live in a world today where people pride themselves with a sense of invisibility, any nation that rejects the assistance of the God of Heaven is a nation that will eventually plunge to decadence. Church Gist. Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, God is calling us back to genuine spirituality. We are beginning to lean on the philosophies of men. Church, make sure we do not replace the shoulder of priest with a cat in carrying the presence of God.

I pray that in our lifetime, that God will grant us grace that this acknowledgement of the glory of God happens in our lifetime so that the pride of man will not reach the Heavens and make us see these things we’ve been reading in the Bible.
By the privilege of God’s Grace, I don’t claim to know everything but I can tell you; I’ve worked with God a bit, I truly know what commands power. Many of the things we think bring power is not what brings power; Technology does not fast; technology does not pray. Technology can help you hear a message but ladies and gentlemen, whether you hear Bible on tape or whatever, until you pray, until you build your spirit man have a track record with God, you cannot access the power of God. Church Gist. The days we are in now, are days of high-level spirituality. John Wesley said, set yourself on fire and the whole world will come and watch you burn. I know there is E-everything but there is no E-fire. If it is fire, it must be right there; you must set it and the impact must be felt there.

Source: Church Gist

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