The Flesh is Strongest in the aspect of your life that you’ve developed more. If the Aspect of your life you’ve developed is IMMORALITY, then the flesh must have a Stronghold on that point called IMMORALITY. If the Aspect you have developed more is Lying, the Stronghold of the flesh on your life is going to be in the area of LYING. Your first ground of possible Struggle is going to be in that area of the flesh that you’ve exercised MOST before you give your life to Christ.

For me, the Area I exercised the most was LYING, and the reason was because, I was the fifth born. So many Elder brothers and Sisters. When they get angry, they Slap me . Even when I get angry, they’ll still Slap me . So anything that goes wrong, they express how they feel by slapping me. So I had to device a means of Survival . And I Lied to the Point where a Spirit began to help me LIE. You see, you can start walking in the Flesh delibrately. You want to start smoking only on Fridays, a time will come when a Spirit will come to help you establish your walk in the flesh. At that time, your WILL, will no longer have AUTHORITY to change what you do because there’s a Spirit involved. You’ll no longer have the ability to decide to always Smoke on Fridays, you’ll now be smoking as the Spirit Leads , that is when it can be said that a person needs Deliverance. You’ll need a Stronger hand to pull you out of that Situation.

You can Start the Journey of IMMORALITY, She’ll start by saying ” I’ll only go to Hotel on Every Wednesday Night ” One day she may encounter a man that the Spirit of Immortality has found an Abode in his Vessel and she will not only leave with Money after that night, She’ll also leave with SPIRITS. Then the ability to decide that she’ll only Sleep with men only in Wednesdays will be blotted out, she’ll now be sleeping with men as the SPIRIT leads. And the spirit may lead her to sleep with her blood brother, because it’s no longer in her capacity to decide when to engage in such activity.

Walking in the Flesh is a Pavilion that will lead you to a Spirit’s Support, and the Purpose of Spirit Support is to ensure that the possibility of your Exit is no longer according to your WILL. The devil takes over and you’re now an Auto Pilot. You don’t even know what is controlling you.
The only way to be free is to cry out like Peter ” LORD JESUS, SAVE ME ”


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