Apostle Nebai Ogbonna

You’re feeling unworthy because you’re an adulterer, remember Abraham and Jacob;
You’re feeling resentful because you’ve been betrayed by friends and family, remember Joseph and Jephthah;
You’re feeling messy because of your harlotry and prosmicous living, remember Rehab and Bathsheba;
You’re feeling like a huge disappointment to God and the church, remember Samson and Peter;
You’re feeling forgotten and abandoned by God, remember Job;

You’re feeling too darkened to be used by God because of how far you’ve gone into the dark world, remember the mad man at Gadara who was possessed with a legion of demons, and also remember, Mary Magdalene who was possessed with over 40,000 demons (Luke 8:2 said she was possessed with 7devils, and a devil is higher in rank than a demon; a devil can command the activities of about 6000demons – she was literally a MOBILE SHRINE)…

I can go on and on.
My point is, no matter what, nothing should be ‘excuse enough’ to deny and restrict you from the presence of God through prayer.

You running away from God because you’re feeling unworthy and a sinner is like a patient running away from the hospital, and the doctor, because he is sick.
Only in the presence of God can we be made whole.
Only in the presence of God can we be truly healed.
Only in the presence of God can we be really refreshed.
Only in the presence of God can we truly enjoy our ordained liberty.

Condemnation is an arrow of the enemy to keep you down in self-disgust and self-pity, thereby engineering you to reject and repudiate the love of God.
Remember, all the prodigal son needed to do was to take a step before the Father would start racing towards him.
Take that 1 step today in prayer, and watch God RUN the remaining 99steps towards you.

Father, deliver us from error and, if we fall, grant us the boldness to rise and continue the race!!

  • Apostle Nebai Ogbonna

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