Arch Bishop Benson .E. Idahosa: THAT MEASURE OF FAITH

Arch Bishop Benson .E. Idahosa.

As a Young Man working in a Shoe company,which so much zeal and passion to serve the Lord.
I heard my pastor preach about how God Raised Lazarus from the dead
Something leaped for Joy
Giggling I asked my pastor have you
Raised the dead before he said “No”
But you benson Can do it;
I replied you mean I can do it
He said yes!!!

I don’t know how but something in Me felt like raising the dead I started going round the whole village searching the Dead,that may sound funny but the spirit of strong faith was at work in Me
I was going to compounds asking any Dead person here and they’ll be Like “back to sender” are you expecting someone to die,
Finally around 4pm that day I finally found a compound they were crying
And I rejoiced and said thank you Jesus,
And that was a little girl so I opened the Bible where Jesus brought back a dead girl.
I didn’t Know how to Pray because I was not a man of God by then and was only 24yrs old.
So I saw where Jesus said every body should leave the room and I asked every body to leave and saw where JESUS Said Damsel
And I asked what’s the name of the girl because the name here in the Bible is Damsel,they said her
And I said in the name of JESUS CHRIST Called her arise and she sneezed and came to Life.

I read further and Jesus said give her food and I asked the parents to give her food and Left going to look for another Dead.
I Decree that measure of Faith that knows no impossibilities is fused into you right now in Jesus name
If Your FAITH says Yes
God can’t say No”

-Arch Bishop Benson .E. Idahosa.

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