How can your phone be full of NOLLYWOOD when you ALTAR is empty of FIREWOOD
How can your memory card be full of HOLLYWOOD, but your ALTAR is lacking FIREWOOD
If the way you download NOLLYWOOD on your system is the way you download FIREWOOD on your ALTAR, Satan would’ve being on a run
Lev 6:12- The fire on the altar must be kept burning; it must not go out. Every morning the priest is to add FIREWOOD…
Anything that doesn’t not make watching NOLLYWOOD boring, but makes adding FIREWOOD on your ALTAR boring is already killing you
If we checked the last time you went on YOUTUBE to watch HOLLYWOOD & when you went on the ALTAR to burn FIREWOOD, hope you would be qualified for this upcoming REVIVAL

There is a demand heaven is placing upon the sons of God in this current season and such a demand is one that will require sons and daughter of God to stand for their families, for their land and territories so that the activities of enemies will no longer prevail.
the questions now is unto you reading this tonight would partner with the holy spirit to stand?
When you look thoroughly into the different sphere God has called us to function in, the enemy is perpetrating his activities as though sons are not there to stand in prayer until only the counsel of God prevail.
Creation will continue to be in BONDAGE until sons and daughter’s of God decide to rise.

Listen to me sir /ma deliverance has never come to any man, family, nations or people on the bases of chance and luck, noo sons and daughter must first run back to the carve and begin to groan, they will groan until they are able to clear a space for God to intervene.
Ooh God is placing a demand upon your life and the demand is that you stand for God upon the land, upon that family until the hand of the become strong there.
John Wesley stood for his land in prayers that only the counsel of God prevail and for 100 years there was no beer parlor in the whole city, men no longer hunger for beer, they taste for God, by what means was he able to do that? Through prayer.
Hear me sir /ma you have the key within you to decide what will happen upon your life, family, upon the land where you dwell, in your place of work in your department, you can pray it that only the ways of God prevail and it will be so, we don’t do such things by speaking English no it’s by prayer, where you stand in prayer, until God wins.

One of the ways the knowledge of God will fill the earth as the waters covers the sea is when sons decide to stand on their ground in prayer to insist.
Would you stand for God in your land, in your family, your place of work, in any place that God has send you.
It time you begin to shut down the windows the enemy has open and begin to allow the ventilation of the Holy ghost into that place you are call to function.
It time to refuse to sleep, it time to denied your sleep until you allow the hand of God prevail.
The time is now,. Like now, make commitment unto God and keep to it.
Can we pray

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