There is a place in God that is secure only for them who have refuse to turn their back in the journey of encounter.
That space is so large, every son is allocated a portion but research have shows that only few sons are able to inherit their portion.
That space is call the secret place.
There is a Horeb sons must journey to to encounter the great monarch of zion who reside in the crucible of fire.
Those who have stayed in the journey have become a trophy in the hand of him that sit on the throne of jasper. God is delight in them.

Moses was the one who was to deliver a the Israelite out of bondage and captivity in Egypt, according to prophesy they are to stay in captivity for 400 years but they stayed for 430 years Kai. The one who is meant to journey to Horeb linger, they stayed for extra 30 years, 30 good years, but the day he climb Horeb the mountain of God that day negotiations about the freedom of a nation begins.
I hope you are not the who is still prolonging the issues over that family, over that brother, over that sister.
If you are the one begin to climb so that prophesy that have gone ahead regarding your life will come to pass.

On that path to Horeb the mountain of God some sons have branch to patronize the possession Babylon lays selling.
Am crying because that man that is meant to be the carrier of the mantle that apostle babalola wore is still pricing and testing the garments of Fornication.
My heart is burning because the sister that heaven design to be recruited among them who are to function from the pernacle that mama Kathryn KULMAN function from are still on the market of addiction pricing and selling ooh ooh
Many sons have find one shade and are still dozing spiritually,
Some have be taken away with too much activities but we demand you call us back Jesus.

Their is a hunger that can come upon a man that will drive him to rush home to eat regardless of how sweet the market is GOING, God send such hunger upon many today that they may rush back to the secret place to press for thy face.
It was that hunger that made John Knox cry, give me Scotland or I die.
. It was that hunger that landed on the people of that made them pray for 100 years non stop kaiiiiii.
It was the hunger that drive Moses to Horeb the mountain of God.
Jesus may that man destined to dislodge the affairs of the devil over his family not sleep tonight, unusual hunger come upon him.

May unusual hunger to stay with thy word consume him until he encounter you in your word or in person.
Can we pray?

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