“My Thoughts On The Mommy G.O Matter” – Pastor Olufukeji Ejimi

Mommy G.O
Mommy G.O

I grew up being afraid of missing the rapture or going to hell.
And while I agree that my fear was not an effective or sustainable tool for ensuring my genuine salvation of the heart, that fear kept me relatively moral and stopped me from making some very big and irreversible mistakes in my youth.
That fear of hell also pushed and tormented me to seek, find and experience the redeeming love of the Father in Christ Jesus.

And this was when I finally found the real truth about salvation and eternity, that believing in my heart and confessing with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and His death is the susbtitutionary payment for my death as the wages of my sin, while His resurrection is my assurance of resurrection into eternal life.
But if I am to be vulnerable and honest, that fear also keeps me in check and brings me back to my senses even till date.
So while that fear is not totally healthy, as perfect love casts out fear, I have found that it can actually remain useful in one’s journey.

In view of that,
My people,
No matter how much we may catch cruise,
Heaven is still real.
Hell is still real.
And those in hell right now are not laughing about anything.
They are not finding anything funny at all.
If they could talk to you, I’m sure they would ask you,
Where will you spend your eternity?
Where will your loved ones will eternity?
Are you sure?
What is the basis of your confidence?
If you think about these questions long and hard enough, you will end up very sober! If not sober for yourself, then sober for those who are yet to resolve the nagging issue of their life after death!
May this generation, believers and non believers alike, never lose its reverence for eternity and eternal consequences!

©Pastor Olufukeji Ejimi

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