Apostle Arome is a man of great inspiration when it comes to the undiluted Word of God, with an ability to effectively deliver God’s counsel to the people.
He is striving towards the rebirth of apostolic Christianity.
He founded Remnant Christian Network (RCN) with headquarters in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria and branches in and out of Nigeria.
He is also the Convener of the Festival of Glory Crusade.
Apostle Arome is married to his lovely wife, Mrs Dinna Osayi,
Recounting his life-history on how come God chose him (Apostle Arome Osayi) for these great things in ministry, despite his shortcomings and disability is motivating, inspiring and life changing.

My Prayer adventure began with the illness of my Dad. The illness lasted for like Eleven Years before he died. The way he died was somewhat a sign that we did not know God enough.
So I began this Spiritual adventure, to know God, with the hope that I could stop some of those occurrences repeat themselves in the lives of people. I began to exercise myself in NIGHT PRAYERS. I never knew Jesus was waiting for me to take the First Step. And he opened up a great field of Spiritual Reality on the strength of that initial attempt to seek his face.
I was born a Stammerer, so there was no inclination that I could even become a Preacher. And my Stammering was so bad and there was nothing like Preaching in view.
But, one of those times, I had an Encounter with Jesus and a company of few Angels and my Speech impediment was taken away.

There was a very Significant Minister in our City who was shaking the whole Place, so many people were getting saved. And he died after a major Event. An Event that Shook everywhere. And that was somewhat of a Threat to us young Ministers that were coming up. It looked like there was something in the land that had the Capacity to take the life of this great General of God, so it was more like a threat to us who want to serve the will of God in that Territory. So in the midst of this Confusion, God ministered a Scripture to me, ” The Remnant that Escaped out of Judah, they shall yet take root downwards and bear Fruits Upwards ”. So that was how we adopted the Intercesory Strategy for Ministry and it was more about Praying than it was about Preaching. We were doing Five Hours Prayers Every Night for a few years. Till this moment. There are times we do FIFTY HOURS PRAYERS. Just praying round and round the clock. We got used to seeking God at that Level, not just individuals but coperately.
We’ve discovered that there are a lot of realities you’ll never touch in God until you subscribe to the way of LONG PRAYERS. We have built a ministry that is committed to Long Prayers.

Our Prayer Burdens has always been around a PROPHECY. A Prophecy that our Ancestor in the Pentecostal Christianity in Nigeria gave. Pa Sydney Elton. He spoke about a Time that Nigeria was going to be the Headquarters of CORRUPTION all over the world. But when that Season Expires, a New Nation is gonna come out of the Rubble of the old Nation and it’s going to be a Nation of RIGHTEOUSNESS and INTEGRITY. And in those days, God will send Missionaries from Nigeria to every Part of the World.
So we began to pray for the New Nigeria to come out of the Rubble. So that has been the main point of our Prayer Enterprise. That God who has spoken to us by his servant will bring his words to pass as we hold hands with him. It was not about whether we had food to eat, clothes to wear or about our Health, it was all about the Words and Prophecies of God. We maintained this Prayer culture. I don’t know a better life I would have lived outside of the Prayer Life.

Uhmmm “How? God!
I was born a stammerer, infact, as at the time l was born, my mom had stopped conceiving. She was in school of nursing there was no need for a child and suddenly, a young man was formed.
The young man was crystallized and was born at the ‘wrongest’ of times. At the time of my arrival, my mom was afflicted, l had to be admitted with my mom in the hospital, not because l was sick but because that was the only way l could find breast milk.
Born with facial palsy, half of my face paralyzed, never closed my eyes since i was born. If you look at me the prediction will not be good. But it came to pass while l grew up, l remember at the age of five, there were demons looking for me. They never missed an occasion for a visitation.
Somewhere along the line at the age of seven, l gave my life to Christ, l got baptized in the Holy Ghost. We spoke tongues when the vocabulary of tongues was young. It came to pass how God placed an investment that even my mother never felt.

God put something but the question is how come? It is always a mystery. The man that God decides to choose for a deposit is a mystery. You don’t look like it, you are not qualified, but then the Lord decides to release an investment of His Spirit. It takes time for an investment to grow, it is always strange.
One thing l knew is that the investment l received drew me to study the Bible. I used to study with a lamp, l can do all night study, l do thirty nights studying the Bible. I went back and forth. My mother crept into my room one day and when she saw me, she started crying because she felt l wanted to run mad. She said this is not how normal people study the Bible. She never knew it was a pull of an investment, seeking to restructure, rewire, regalvanise the vessel to contain something that is in God.
I stopped studying in the night when l am at home so that my mom won’t cry. My mom and my dad where monitoring me, they see me sometimes and whisper and because of that l became an undercover preacher. I preached for eight years, casting out devils and my people at home never knew. I had the power to heal the sick from the Lord but when l meet people sick at home, l say we need aspirin.
How come ?

It came to pass l invited my mom to come for Bible study. She came, l prayed, preached and l prophesied. When l came out, my mom could not relate with what she saw. How?
How God?
From that moment l became my mom’s best son. She told me l have increased her life span. How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Holy Ghost and with power, who went about doing works of philanthropy.
Many people may have written your case off, many people may have said this man will amount to nothing. That will be the case if God doesn’t intervene. If there is a deposit in you, if there is an implant from divinity, an investment from God , the possibilities, the outcomes Changes.
How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost.
Several people come to Church and when they touch something from God, they take off, when what you should have asked yourself is… ls this the best that God can do?

I serve Jesus, l broke the yoke of stammering. He didn’t make a mistake when He called me. I was known to be a stammer and my mom saw me that day mighty in word. It is not as if we went to the best school, How come?
Deposit come upon you today!
God will place an investment in your vessel!
It doesn’t matter how the container looks, when the investment comes upon your life, your possibilities change and it doesn’t matter whether you went to school or you studied in Oxford.
Ask God for an investment. With an investment, my possibilities changed, my outcome changed.
Ask God for an investment of His grace.
It doesn’t matter the name of your family, village or the things that have been attributed in time past or what men think about you. If there can be an investment from God, then all men can be lions and only God will be true. I was born naked, but l was not born empty”.

I still recall 22 years ago we were In a prayer group, the kind of prayer groups that you have on campus now, and there was this lady that was skillful in prophecy, her name was Fumi and if Fumi begins to prophecy know that God is speaking , we have tested her grace, she don’t use to prophesy everyday, but in those days if she fall under power for like twenty minutes, when she rise up, she comes with a prophetic word, and that day it was me she prophesied about.
She saw my destiny future how glorious it will be and she spoke about it, but in addition to what she saw, she said a lady would be sent against you from the water
She said, if you survive this lady this glorious ministry will come to pass, I forgot the prophecy, but Satan did not forget, he waited for twelve years
In this twelve years I have become popular, in my own cocoon I am a champion,
I was known for the anointing, I was known for vocal power…..
And then from my office I was posted to Lagos, a revival was growing in benue state and I was posted to Lagos, I was angry with God………..

I did not know that the days of my transition had begun.
The damsel did not come to Benue where there is a revival,
The damsel showed up after twelve years of timing…..
This lady I speak about moves with a central fugal and central petal force..
Alama ko nosima ekoma (speaking in tongues)
Some of my brothers knows what am talking about, you know the the central petal force but you don’t know the combination of central petal and central fugal
Ganished with all the power of the marine world,
If she moves close to you, your chemistry will change, your pure mind will be taken from you, your righteous mind.
That’s when you will see a prophet that calls down fire from heaven cryyy
It is enough let me die………..
Those were the days I will knell down to pray and is as if my prayer is not going anywhere.
When that lady came with central fugal force, when I went home, she follows me.
The force does not only generate lust, it takes away my ability to pray……….
Where all my prayer fails.
Am not a loose preacher, I won’t stress that.

Today you are praying for fun for sport but a time will come when you will pray to survive…… You will cry like Elijah , I am not better than my fathers.
You are praying today for competition but my own was like Arabic.
It was a test of my statue.
And the test lasted for 9 months, it was for this 9 months I found the angels bread for which I come to testify.


  1. Am Apostle Tony. FB tonyowuzo I was touch with this testimony
    I somore courrange not to give up in God I will like to meet you sir someday by God Grace, I always listent to your messages learning alot from you see you in my dreams always God bless you sir


  2. This testimony has make me to trust God for supernatural grace, if He could do it before he can do it again. Thank you so much Sir.


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