A New Breed Is Rising

a New Breed arising

There’s a New Breed arising. I also call them the “Young Guns.” They are radical – armed and dangerous! They come “packing.”
Fulled loaded. Ready for the battle. Kingdom Warriors not thinking about retreat. They are Apostolic Provacateurs. They cannot abide the status quo. They are Sent Ones. Agents of change. Ready to bring it on.
To bring reformation. Ready to see transformation. Ready to be part of the Breaking Open of a New Day where the light invades the darkness as the Kingdom of God invades and advances and they take territory for the King.

They can be trained – but won’t be tamed. They have the DNA of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah – their King. Retreat is not an option. They have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this.
They are part of the lineage of the great Kingdom men and women who have gone before them who have been part of the Epic Story of all Ages – His-Story!
They take their place, summoned by the Spirit of God, answering the call, and chosen by the King to participate in the purposes He has for a chosen generation that has been summoned upon the stage of world history for this time.

Identify them. Love them. Father them. Encourage them. Empower them. Equip them. Send them.
They will challenge Goliath. They will take him down. They will serve. They will be faithful. But when the time comes – they will take their place and rule and reign as the “princes of the dawn” – the princes of a new day – kings of the Kingdom – co-regents with the King.
This is what they have been anointed for. And they will fulfill the purposes of God for their generation.
The New Breed – the Young Guns – not only are they coming, but look around you – they are already here!!!

A new army is emerging fast,
We will walk in terrible dimensions of power,
We will be so passionate about SOULS,
We will have great results,
We will pray in tongues practically throughout the whole day,
We will live in the bible,
We will be holy and consencrated,
We will rest on the finished works of Jesus,
Supernatural will be natural to us.

But let me show you our beauty
We will not repeat some of the mistakes our father made.
We will not COMPETE with one another but rather we will COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER
We will not be INTIMIDATED at the success of our fellow brother but we will all celebrate it since it is to the glory of the kingdom
Every one will face his calling and we will support one another without any iota of strife or envy
There shall be no strife in our camp, there shall be no envy, no slander, no bitterness
We will not speak ill of one another….
We might be age mates but we will honour one another,
We will appreciate the grace of God on our brothers and sisters,
We will not pull ourselves down.

In this army
No body is left out
The Apostle amongst us will start a new move, chat a new course, break the fallow ground, plant new churches.
The prophet amongst will give prophetic guidance and instruction.
The evangelist will do the mighty crusades, gather the crowd in millions and win souls.
The pastor in our team will rush to pastor the souls won and nuture them.
The teacher in our team will teach them, grow them, build.
Other ministries will help us, some will follow up, some will give money and other things for the work, some will administer leadership
We will all work together and walk together, no strife, no trying to outshine anybody
Every one will work according to his grace and calling.

This shall be our mission and vision statement:
Romans 12: 3 For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith
The days of individual stars is finanlly coming to an end, we are entering a generation of great people of God.

I might be doing crusades and jampacking stadiums weekly and my friend is preaching in 50 countries, another friend is pastoring a 5000 congregation, another 500 congregation, a brother might have a teaching ministry gathering thousands weekly, another might be a counsellor.
We will never be intimated, no bigmanizm, we will rush to help ourselves,
We will complement ourselves,
we will honour each others work,
We will not slander,
We will not pull each other down,
We will be free to walk into each others meeting.

We will remember
He gave one 5
He gave one 2
He gave one 1
Every one will walk according to his grace and calling,
We will love ourselves.
We will live beyond denomination,
We understand that no matter how great your anointing or ministry is,
you alone cannot win the world.
We will not seek personal glory,
We will defend the body of Christ,
We will not come to social media to tear down another man or ministry.

We will honour our fathers,
We will stand on their shoulders,
We will see further and father,
We will take the Barton and hand it over to the next generation.
In this new army,
Love is our driving force,
Souls is our uniting force.
Are you part of this Army?
If you still want to strife and envy,
you can never be enlisted.
My assignment is to set men on fire for the Kingdom, and to raise men for this assignment.

I will do this with all my life
We will empty hell,
We will heal the sick,
Raise the dead,
Evangelism by power and fire.
We will carry His presence.

Source: Evangelist Prince Ekeke

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