“The Day I Met ‘The Worst Man On Earth”-Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai

Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai
Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai

I know one of the questions going through your mind now is ‘who is the worst man on Earth?’ Well, the answer to that question depends solely on what you believe in, and what you have encountered in life. Let’s find out who Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai tagged ‘The Worst Man’ on planet Earth.
The Founder of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association (UUEA), Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai in a video on his verified Facebook handle, shared a story with his congregation on an encounter he had in 1985. The Reverend claimed to have met Satan in 1985; tagging him as ‘The Worst Man’ on Earth.

We believe the Reverend shared this story with the congregation to show them that before one can experience a change in level, one must overcome the task ahead of him.

Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai from the video: “In 1985, I sat in my hotel room and somebody walked in without opening the door of the room. I was curious to know that person, so I questioned him. He replied with laughter on his lips and said to me ‘I am Satan’.

“When you see Satan, you have seen the worst man on planet Earth. I began to bother God saying, Father, why will you allow this man to walk into my room and threaten me?
“And God said, all those he will use to humiliate you, just forgive them. When you do, you will make nonsense of all that they have planned against you. I will give back to you everything that he has taken away from you”.

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