MY VIRGIN WIFE – Episode 4

Very early one Saturday morning after observing our morning prayer

Good morning my love, George said and I replied good morning sweetie, he hugged me as usual and was about heading to the kitchen, when I stopped him.

Sweetie, go and rest today I will cook for us, I said grinning.

Are you surprised I said he was heading to the kitchen? Please don’t be, ever since I married George, he has been the one doing the cooking on Saturdays.

Even though I had tried to stop him countless times, but he has refused to stop.

My love, you have been the one doing the cooking from Monday till Friday, while I go to work. Let me do the cooking for you during the weekend.

That has always been George’s reply whenever I tried to stop him. So I just have to allow him do it since he insisted.

Please tell me! why won’t I stop George from entering the kitchen? When I have a mission to accomplish.

George agreed to go back to bed that very day.

Immediately he got into bed, I quickly went to a nearby pharmacy to get sleeping pills for George. Yes! Him, I’m tired, I’m dying, I’m a woman for crying out loud.

I’m not a log of wood, its blood that is running in my veins not zobo (hibiscus).

Lo and behold I got the drugs and as I was about to add the stuffs to his tea that morning, something in me kept telling me not to do it. I usually know when my spirit man is communicating with me.

I know it’s my inner man that was talking, but I turned a deaf ear to him.

For the very first time, I disobeyed him. And added the sleeping pills into George’s tea.

But guessed what?, As I was about steering the tea, the glass cup containing the tea fell down and broke into pieces.

The consequences of disobedience!

Didn’t I tell you not to do it? Was what I heard from behind, the voice was so audible and real.

I bursted into tears and said, I’m tired Lord, please have mercy on me, I’m tired!

I managed to pack the broken glasses on the floor, then I went straight to meet George in the bedroom.

Sweetie! Wake up, I said in tears.

George!!! I’m tired, I’m dying, I need you, why are you depriving me of my right?

George, I’m dying! Don’t you ever feel the urge to devour the pretty lady you call your love for once? I asked amidst tears.

Am I not beautiful enough?

George stood up from the bed and said, Ruth my dear wife I’m so sorry. For the very first time in our marriage, George addressed me by my name.

Yes! My name is Ruth!

Hmmmm mmmm, smiles! Can you now see the reason why I refused to leave George!

I know someone is saying that name fits me well!

My love! I’m sooooo sorry, you have really tried for me, he said and bursted into tears.

Please forgive me! This was the exact thing I had wanted to tell you that morning, when I came back from the hospital, he said facing the bed.

I guessed he had lost the courage to face me.

Jesus!!! I shouted and he quickly shifted back.

George!!! Why didn’t you tell me the exact thing that was on your mind that morning, I said sniffing my nose.

My dear Ruth, please I’m very sorry. I wanted to tell you where the main problem was that very day, but I couldn’t just open this mouth of mine to tell you such heartbreaking news. He said amidst tears.

Yeeeeeeee!!! I’m finished! ohhhhhh, ahhhhh hmmmm.  George, why? Was all I could say that very moment.

I’m sorry love, I understood every of your move all this while, but I cannnnnnnn’t juuuust help it. He said stammering and crying profusely.

Okay! George, would you please tell me what the exact problem is? I said and bursted into tears.

Would you please tell me the main reason why you have been deprrrriving me oooooof my right?

I finally said and used the back of my hand to clean the uncontrollable tears that were just dropping helplessly on my cheeks.

George! Talk to me. I’m you
wife, I need an explanation right now.

And finally, George opened his mouth and said, please forgive me Ruth. I’m not a real man!

I guess you will all be wondering what he meant by that statement?

What do you mean by that? I said with my eyes wide open. Ruth my love, I don’t know how best to explain this to you, but the only thing I know is that I can’t make you feel like a real woman.

Wait! George, do you mean you are impoooooteeennt or what? I said in a confused state.

George was silent for a while and finally said: No my love!

Then what George? Talk to me please!

My love! I donnnnnn’t have aaaaaaaaa, a what George? I cut in, when he keeps stammering like something I don’t even know.

My love! I don’t have what it takes to make you feel like a real woman, he finally said amidst tears.

George, do you mean you don’t have anything under your trousers?

And he finally said yes my love and burst into tears.

Jesus!!! I’m dead, I’m finished! was what I could managed to say that very day. It seems as if my whole life was crumbling before my eyes.

Hmmmmm, how can I marry a man who can’t make me feel like a real woman? After keeping myself pure till marriage?

Oh! My life! God, do you intend to punish me, by choosing George for me as the crown of my head?

I have always served you. I have always listened to you. I have always followed your Instructions.

Why is this happening to me? I said crying out loud.

So many things were going through my head. I was trying to be strong for myself, not for George this time around! But no!!!!!!!

The more I tried to stop the tears trickling down my cheeks, the more it keeps coming.

I was still crying, when I noticed someone holding my two legs from behind.

I don’t know when George stood up from the bed and prostrated behind me.

With teary eyes, he said, my love, please don’t leave me! Please don’t leave me now!

Please if I don’t leave George now, when should I leave him?

Okay! Maybe when I reach menopause right?

George can’t make me feel like a real woman. Then what am I sitting down here for? What will be my gain?

I guess George doesn’t know how much I long to be a mother. I guess he doesn’t have an idea of how much I long to be called mummy.

I guess he doesn’t know how much I long to breastfeed a baby and be called mummy so so around the neighborhood.

I was still lost in my thoughts when I heard him say, please Ruth! You are the only one that can help me. If you leave me now, then I’m finished!

My love! You promised never to give up on my love for you, please don’t break that promise now!

Is George trying to make a fool out of me or what? Is he trying to hold me by my words now?

Hmmmmm! I hope you can imagine my life? I was a virgin while single and even now that I’m married, I’m still a virgin!

I was trying to stop the tears that were just tricking down helplessly on my cheeks, but my eyes betrayed me, for I couldn’t.

Amidst tears, I called  out to George with an angry voice. Yes! I’m angry! For the very first time in my marriage, I was angry at the only person I love with the whole of my life, for keeping such a big secret from me.

Why do you have to keep such a secret away from me George? I said stamping my feets on the ground to free his hands from me.

I’m sorry love! I was scared of loosing you, he said tightening his hands around my legs.

I didn’t bargain for this Lord! I said fixing my gaze on the ceiling of our room.

Hmmmmm! I know someone is already giving me a beautiful idea of what I should do to George at this stage.

Hmmmmmmmm, would George’s greatest fear of loosing me not befall him now?

Stay tuned for the next episode.

To be continued!!

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