The flesh is the greatest weapon of Satan.
If you fail an exam and get 37% you passed some you didn’t pass enough. But if you get zero there is no possibility of passing.
The Bible says ,in the flesh there is no good thing. That means if you deal in the realm of the flesh,you have given Satan the biggest advantage over your life. It doesn’t matter what else you do, but you have submitted yourself for defeat.

The flesh Is defined as a nature of living, thinking and acting that is against the ways of God.
So it affects your life.
It affects your mind
It affects your body.
Every part of you is affected.
Every time the bible talks about the flesh or the old man,it has different expression. It has two fold understanding.

~ The first dimension is what the bible called THE SIN NATURE. The man who is not regenerated .
No matter how innocent you are. The Bible says in iniquity did my mother conceived me. So he didn’t have to do anything directly. The very nature of the fallen man.
Anyone who has not encountered the Zoe life of God, the bible defines that person as born and living in the flesh.
The remedy for the sin nature is not counseling but the remedy is the deliverance called SALVATION.

This nature is not a nature that you can correct, it’s not a nature that you renew,it has to be taken away completely through the substitutionary work of JESUS CHRIST. Only a genuine Encounter with the SON OF GOD.
There is no assumption as to whether that nature is in you or not,if you have not encountered the son of God, no matter how you convince yourself, Zoe is not in you.
Just because you feel good of yourself doesn’t mean you are free. Many times our minds and conscience will deceive us into believing that because we look so far and think we are innocent then we believe that innocence brought the nature by itself.

There is no assumption about the blood of the eternal convenant that is the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF.
If you are not born again, that life is not in you. If you are not born again that nature is still at work in you.
~ The second Dimension of what the bible called the Flesh is A STRONGHOLD.
A stronghold in our minds that is fortified by the presence of demon spirits, motivated by self-centeredness, vain glory and self exaltation.
When the bible talks about the flesh it talks of strongholds that is present not in your spirit but within the context of the mind.
The result of the nature is always predictable. There is no good thing.

I pray that you will be spirit conscious and not flesh conscious.

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