I was in REINHARD BONNKE’S Crusade. Then he came out and Preached on the story of the Blind Bartimaeus. He was so excited about this story and he shared this story for about Twenty five minutes. When he finished sharing the story, he went and sat down and rested.
When he finished resting, he came back and said ” Now, in the name of Jesus, I take Authority Over Every Spirit of infirmity and I Command you, GO NOW! ” He added ”Now, if you can’t walk, begin to walk , Blind Eyes, begin to See, Deaf eyes, Open! ”
I opened my Eyes very wide and was amazed at what I saw. Over Four thousand People were healed Instantly by sharing the story of blind Bartimaeus .

I said in my heart ”Maybe it’s because he has done this for about 50 years.”
Then the next day, Pastor DANIEL KOLENDA showed up and shared his own story for thirty minutes. When he finished the story, he went to the back and spoke with the partners and came back to the stage and drank water. He sat down and was operating his phone and crossed his leg. I was like ”You’re Pressing your phone in a Holy Ghost Service?
When he was through with what he was doing on his phone, he came back to the stage and said ”Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for the healings that’ll take place here tonight ”
I now discovered that it is not about the length of the MESSAGE but about the LIGHT you carry. When I saw that, I went to God and said ” God, how do men know these things? Because Spiritual knowledge is an Experience. The moment it dawns on you, you’ll just walk out and begin to walk in it.

As if that’s not enough, I now went for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s meeting. That one was the worst of it. People gathered, the man of God just showed up. There was no message. He was just declaring ”Out! Out! Out! Out!” I became more confused. I thought they said we have to build their faith first. He healed many people that day without shouting . He healed people with Spinal cord issues, people that were bedridden and they were all healed Instantly.
The BIG SECRET is the LIFE they have.
When a man carries LIFE, anything he does Works.
Don’t be satisfied with Religion. Make sure you carry Light. Light is UNDERSTANDING.
Our generation have become Philosophers, So, what you don’t know, you’ll want to talk about it very LOUD and BOGUS and then make people have an impression that we carry something. If you can’t demonstrate anything, you don’t carry anything. Calm down and strive to have LIGHT.

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