Pastor E.A. Adeboye
Pastor E.A. Adeboye

If you have the faith of a child and you believe the siege on your hands are gone, shout hallelujah! This is why when Jesus saw a man in the temple in Mark3:1-5, Jesus saw a man who could not clap. The man’s hand was withered. Jesus restored the man immediately. Church Gist. Every siege against your hand is gone tonight; not only physically but every facet of life. So in the mighty name of Jesus, whatever you touch will prosper.
Your legs were made to dance. In Psalms 150:4, it says “Let us praise him in the dance”. God made your legs to dance. I see that some of us are too big to dance. Church Gist. What does dancing symbolize? To dance is to say to God I acknowledge you as my owner
Psalms 100:3; Psalms 95:6-7
I had a small pretty dog named Lady White because it was very white. I loved this dog and this dog loved me. When I travel, return and Lady White hears my voice, it will leave whatever it was doing, come and begin to dance as if to say “My owner has come”. Even when I am in the midst of dignitaries, Lady White will dance. Church Gist. When you dance, you are telling the Almighty God, “You are my owner”
And God will say, “Since you acknowledge me as your owner, let me wait and see who will tamper with you.”
Acts 3:1-8
The crippled man by the Beautiful Gate of the Temple when he was healed was jumping and praising God. The siege on your legs is gone tonight.
Song: I am rejoicing my yokes have been broken. I am rejoicing that I am born again. Hallelujah!
Song: I am rejoicing my siege is now over. I am rejoicing that I am born again. Hallelujah!
In the name that is above every other name, every siege that is against your progress is gone. Every siege on your legs is gone. Church Gist. You need those legs to go out for Jesus Christ.
In the name of the one who called me, your mouth will be full of testimonies God made your mouth for a purpose: to sing, to testify, to shout, and that is why the devil tries hard to shut your mouth any time you are trying to shout. Whenever you are praying loudly, people who should mind their business begin to question you.
In the case of blind Bartimaeus, the crowd said shut up. If he had agreed to shut up, he would have died in darkness. He refused to shut up.
Occasionally I have some friend I discuss with. One of them asked me, “Tell us your secret. Why is there more miracles happening among Pentecostals?” I said, “It is because we are noisy”. He said, “But why can’t you pray quietly. God is not deaf”. And I said, But He is also not nervous. Heaven is full of noise. If you don’t like noise, don’t go to heaven. I said, it is written in the Bible “clap your hands all ye people. Shout with the voice of triumph. And we both know that the winning side is the shouting side”. Church Gist. When your team scores a goal you will shout and forget yourself even if you are the president. Shout hallelujah!
There is a testimony of a wealthy woman who became sick. Whatever she ate, she vomited. Because she was rich, she went to the best hospitals. Church Gist. She did many tests but it came out that everything was normal. Finally she came to the headquarters, all I said was “Let somebody shout hallelujah!” As she was shouting, a worm came out of her mouth.
In the mighty name of Jesus, the siege inside your body is over now. The siege inside your body is because the devil doesn’t want you to please God. But tonight the siege is over.
God created your brain for his pleasure so that you can remember His goodness. Church Gist. When the devil is messing with your memory, it is because he doesn’t want you to remember God’s goodness.
I declare particularly to students, “The siege against you brain is over!”
When I was preparing for this lecture and I got to the eyes. I asked how the eyes gave God pleasure. God said, “Every great person like to show off” so he directed me to Psalms 19:1
God gave your eyes so you can see the glory of his creation. I declare tonight, “Every siege against your eyes is over!”
And with the womb, the Bible makes it abundantly clear that God loves children. Church Gist. And if He ever finds the devil messing with your womb, tonight He will knock him on the head.
Psalms 127:3
Jesus rebuked the disciples when they hindered the children from coming to Him to be blessed. In the name of the one who sent me, every force working against your fruitfulness I rebuke it tonight in the name of Jesus.
When I was studying the story in Mark 2:1-12, a young boy who was paralyzed from the neck down was carried by four people to Jesus. The place where Jesus was teaching was crowded but they said, “We are not going home without our victory”. You are also not going without your victory! The people climbed to the roof and broke through the roof and lowered the boy to Jesus Christ without saying a word. They came to report the devil to Jesus. And the Almighty God intervened. Church Gist. Tonight you and I are going to report the devil to Jesus Christ. And before the night is over, we will be singing songs of victory.
There is only one prayer a sinner can pray and that is; God save my soul. Quickly surrender your life to Jesus if you have not given your life to Jesus.

  1. Thank God for all he has already done for you, giving Him glory and honour
  2. Praise God, for He cures the incurable
  3. Worship Him, tell him he is the God of all flesh
  4. Father, when you speak it is done. Please command the siege against my head, brain, mouth, eye and ear to be over now
  5. Father, please command the siege against my hands to be over now. Restore my hands to full capacity and let everything I touch from now on begin to prosper instantly and mightily.

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