Recently, a young woman who was mercilessly beaten and almost killed by her husband told me that it started as slapping when she was in courtship with him but she did not see it as a warning signal because she was blindly in love and she could not wait to get married like her Christian friends in Church. Now she can’t wait to run away from her deadly husband before she’s killed.
Singles, It Is Sad But True That Most Battered Wives Started Out As Battered Fiancées Or Girlfriends.
What You Allow In Courtship Is What Will Continue In Marriage!
My Dear Single Sisters, if your fiancé usually get angry and threatens to slap or beat you in courtship, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that he’s a potential wife beater.
A man whose temper is uncontrollable, who is hard on you, who does not respect you or threatens to beat you in courtship will surely carry out his threat in marriage even if he is an apostle.
Think twice before you finally tie your destiny with him. When a man threatens to beat you, it means that there is a spirit in him that can beat a woman “For Out Of The Abundance Of The Heart, The Mouth Speaketh. Matthew 12:34.
A man should love, care and be the strength in the life of her fiancée not an intimidator.
If He Slaps You In Courtship, He Will Beat You In Marriage. Don’t Dig A Grave For Yourself.
It Is Better To Be Happily Single And Be Alive Than To Rush Into Marriage And Lose Your Precious Life Untimely.
Do Not Marry Out Of Pity Thinking Things Will get Better In Marriage.
True Love Will Not Humiliate You! It Will Never Abuse You In Anyway. Love Doesn’t Make You Cry! Your Tears Should Be Tears Of Joy, Not Pain!
If All You Feel Is Pain, Fear And Sorrow With This Person, There Is Something Wrong With The Relationship!
A Good Relationship Will Enhance Your Life And Make You Better.
Dear Single Ladies, Relationship Or Marriage Is Not An Emergency! It Is Never A Do Or Die Affair!
Don’t Let Blind Love, Your Age, The Fear Of How Will I Get Another Man Or Pressure From Family And Friends Make You Get Wasted With One Man Who Doesn’t Know Your Worth.
Because Once You are married, You Cannot Ask people to Live And Marry Your Husband For You. It Is Absolutely Your Cup Of Tea.
A Good Run Is Better Than A Bad Stand…

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