Christian Story: “MY VIRGIN WIFE” – Episode 3

Christian Story: "MY VIRGIN WIFE" - Episode 3

George was still kneeling down, crying and wiping off the uncontrollable tears that were tricking down his cheeks with the back of his hand.

Sweetie! Please you are getting me scared with this your tears oo, I said hanging my hands on his shoulder.

Okay my love, I will tell you the reason why I’m kneeling in front of you and crying. He said sniffing his nose.

Okay sweetie! Tell me, I’m listening. I said anxiously expecting him to tell me the exact thing that is making him to cry like this.

My love! Do you know I’m the luckiest guy on earth to have you as my helpmeet? He asked sobbing.

Yes sweetie, is that the reason why you are crying like a baby? I said trying to hide my smiles.

My love, that is not the reason but part of it, he said.

Hmmm, is George after my life or what? I said under breath.

Okay, What is it? I said in a very serious way, though not angry.

My love, the main reason why I’m crying right now is because, I never want to loose you in my life.

I don’t want to ever wake up in this house and not found my joy in it, I never want to sleep in this house without my joy beside me, he said.

Jesus Christ of nazareth! See this man oo, he almost made me pee in my panties. If not for the Holy Spirit in me!

Imagine he doesn’t want to loose me and he’s crying as if he has commited a great offence.

I guessed you know what I meant by great offence? If no, then let me tell you!

All my thought was that George had cheated on me when he went to the hospital for the emergency stuffs.

I know someone is saying don’t you trust your man?

Yes I do trust him, but when he came crying like a baby nko?

That was the main reason, I didn’t  bother to tell him to stand up.  He has been on his kneels for the past 1 hour.

Yes! I wanted his punishment to start from there.

My love are you with me? That was the voice that brought me back to reality with George.

Sorry sweetie, I’m with you, please stand up now, I said trying to compose myself.

No! Let me remain like this. I’m okay like this, he said.

Hmmmmmm! Is he hiding another thing?

Sweetie, is there any other thing again? I asked, and he said please my love, I want you to promise me something today.

what is it George? I said quietly.

Please my love, promise me you will never give up on my love for you, no matter what might happen, he said and finally wiped off his tears.

Hmmmm mmmmm, See my life outside ooooo!

I wonder why he’s saying all this, I thought within myself.

I could see sincerity in his eyes and in all, he was saying.

I will never leave your side sweetie, I said lifting him up from his kneels. Look here George, I made this vow yesterday morning in the church, in the presence of God and everyone that were there that I will continue to love and honour you till death do us part.

Now I’m making the same vow before God and you again, that I will never leave you nor give up on your love for me!

I love you so very much George! I said and he hugged  me passionately, guess what I did when he hugged me?

Hmmmm! Me that my blood is already hot!

I quicky made the move to kiss the only person I love with the whole of my life, but he did as usual, he stylishly dodged the kiss and said my love, we need to rest now please!

Okay sweetie, I said and we finally laid to rest.

That was how my wedding night went without me having an intimacy with George o!!!

Days turned into month and months turned into years, without me knowing how it feels to be a real woman!

I believe someone can feel my pain! And at the same time I know someone is wondering how I managed to cope for that long.

Yes! I coped because the Lord is by side, anytime I feel the urge to have intimacy with George and he gives one excuse or the other.

The butterfly within me and the excitement within me will just go down and I will give my eyes the beautiful sleep it deserves.

Although, sometimes I find it difficult to do so.

Hmmmm mmmmm!!!

At this junction I’m tired. I’m fed up, and I’m left with no option than to do the unexpected.

I have been weeping and crying unto the Lord, but He seems unavailable to listen to my heart’s cry.

I don’t want to go against the will of God for my life and at the same time I can’t bear the loneliness anymore.

So I have decided to follow my mind.

I guessed you are thinking what I’m thinking?

To be continued…

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