Christian Story: My Virgin Wife – EPISODE 2

Christian Story: My Virgin Wife - EPISODE 2

Blood of Jesus!!! I shouted trying to get up from the huge mattress I laid on.

Surprised? George said standing at the bathroom door.

George are you playing a prank on me or what? Why are you all dressed up like this? I asked. Are we just walking down the aisle or what?

Hmmm! I know you will all be surprised to hear that. Yes! I wondered where he was going to, infact I wish you could see George’s dressing that very day.

My love! You know what? He asked trying to fix one of his shirt’s button well.

George! I don’t know what and I’m not even ready to know the what behind all this your drama, I said with my hands akimbo.

I Have finally stood up from the bed, and now I’m naked. Are you surprised I said that? Don’t be, I’m a married woman and the last time I checked I’m standing right infront of the only person I said I do to some hours ago.

Immediately George saw the image infront of him, he was shocked! I know you be expecting him to hug me or try to make a move of making my honeymoon a memorable one, but no!

The next thing my sweetie did was to turn his back to me . Please cover up my love! was what I heard next from him.

George! What is the matter? Are you shy to behold my nakedness or what? We are married George. This can’t be a sin on you, I said in a confused state.

Hmmmm mmmmmm!!! Shey I have not entered one chance now, I said soliloquizing.

God nah you gimme George oooo!

Okay! Mr George, I have covered up oooo, would you please face me now? I lied.

The moment George faced me and noticed I was just exactly the way I was, he quickly used his palms to cover up his face.

Hmmmm! Which kind wahala is this now, is he shy? Is he scared? I couldn’t just phantom what his problem was.

I no wan drag wahala with George. I went straight to the bed, took my pyjamas and put it on.

Okay Sweetie, will you please remove your hands from your face and stop all this drama, I said.

George finally removed his hands from his face and said, thank you my love! I have to go now.

Please, go to where? I asked anxiously.

My love! Nurse kike just called me now and she said, we have an emergency at the hospital right now. Please I have to go! He said and hugged me.

Oh! Is that the reason why you are all dressed like this? I asked with a sign of relief though disappointed.

Yes love! He said quietly.

George was about to slammed the door behind him, when I said, sweetie! Not even a kiss? and he immediately moved a step backward, hugged me again and planted a soft kiss on my forehead.

Why not over here? I said pointing to my hungry lips, guess what he said!
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My love! Is the forehead not yours? He said smiling.

Don’t worry George, you will come back and meet me here, I said smiling. Catch you up later dear, he said and left.

Hmmmm! I know someone is wondering what is making me to smile.

I was left alone in the room, I couldn’t sleep, I felt soooo lonely during the night.

When it was exactly 1:30am, in the midnight, I took my Bible, read a portion there and began to pray.

Ehn, what were you expecting me to do? Shey Dr. George has finally succeeded in turning my honeymoon to a night vigil, so I have to dance to his tune.

I prayed earnestly and poured my heart unto the Lord concerning my marriage and my home.

By the time I finished praying it was already 4:30am, don’t be surprised about that, I’m a prayer warrior!

Could you believe George is yet to get back from the hospital?

I picked up my phone and placed a call across to him, he picked up immediately.

George: hello my love! He said over the phone.

Me: Sweetie, are you still on the emergency stuffs, I said staring at my phone.

George: My love, I’m so sorry for the inconveniences! I’m on my way.

Me: Sweetie, inconvenience is an understatement o, please be coming home, I’m cold, I said.

Do you know what George told me, when I said I’m cold?

Hmmmm! His reply wasn’t funny but heartbreaking. He said, my love why not cover up yourself with the blanket, or should I get some  drugs for you while coming from the hospital?

Hmmmm, wahala for who marry doctor!

I don’t want to get angry over what he said, so I just turned it into a joke, and said, is not only drugs that you will get, maybe you should try getting injections too!

I was about closing my eyes to sleep, when I heard a knock at the door, who’s there? It’s me George, he said  quietly.

Okay! I’m coming sweetie, I hurriedly get up from the bed to open the door for him.

I opened the door, and George said, how are you my love? Please what is he expecting me to say? Than I’m fine, I’m fine I said and hugged him so tight, that he was trying to break loose from me. And I noticed he was shivering!

I finally disengaged  from the hug, and he said, my love almost with a teary eyes, what happened my love? Why is your eyes red all of a sudden? Is anything the matter?

Before I could complete my statements, my sweetie is already on his kneels crying profusely!

Hmmmmm mmmmm! why is my sweetie kneeling down and crying at the same time?

Find out in the next episode.

To be continued!!!

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