“Because You Hear A Father Makes A Statement, Don’t Try It, Arrogance Will Kill You” – Apostle Michael Orokpo

Apostle Michael Orokpo
Apostle Michael Orokpo

Sometimes, God saves us by refusing us certain things, because the day we touch it, we are gone!
I went for a meeting at the orientation camp for their power night, virtually every Corper, was on the floor, in fact I had never seen that dimension before. I left that meeting, 3 hours later, people were still on the floor crying. It was so electrifying and while I was in the meeting, I stretched forth my hand and I said “I judge the principality over this territory” (laughs, this generation, we have something here, -the arrogance), and while I was on my way home, the car tire in front exploded -What! I said relax, the guys that followed me, fix it lets go, we were going again the tire exploded again, that was when we stopped and began to ask for mercy (laughs). I went home and I told Apostle, Apostle looked at me, he laughed, he said “brother, in the kingdom, there are jurisdictions”.

Because you hear a father makes a statement, don’t try it, arrogance will kill you (laughs), I laid down at home in Makurdi and was praying and then the Spirit of God carried my spirit and then I saw myself hovering round the city, showing me different spots, the things that happened, and when I came back into my body, I now said I judge the principality over Makurdi, the demon of iniquity. As I spoke, I was not in a trans, my eyes were open like this, a lady walked out of the wall naked (laughs).

I wanted to stand up, but I was held down, and her head, was the head of a man, I saw her with a red apron, like a babylonian prostitute and she walked round, you know these guys have audacity, do you see when the devil came to tempt Jesus? Said if you are the son of God (laughs).
They have audacity, walked round me and came and sat on my chest, I pushed this being, he didn’t even notice if something was touching her, now I don’t even know if it’s a her or a he, (laughs -you know when you are young in the Faith, you will do a lot of foolish things). I now beat her in the back, this being, did not as much as turn, when I saw that this thing, I needed mercy, I said -Lord save me, and light struck from heaven, and this being de-materialized.

While the being left, for 2 weeks, every young lady I saw, I wanted to sleep with her, she left me with a deposit of lust, What! I now ran to Apostle, I said this is what happened, he said you and these princes, stop binding them, he said when you get there, the Holy ghost will give you utterance. He now laid hands on me and prayed for me. I now realized, the world is more spiritual than we ever think.
There is no time you need the Holy ghost more than now!

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