Rev’d Mrs Dinna Osayi is the wife of God’s Choice servant; Apostle Arome Osayi. She tells a story of how Jesus rescued the life of a lady while they prayed.
My husband has taught us several spiritual lessons and we had no other option but to learn attentively. My husband stayed with us both as a ministry and as a family for about two years before he was transferred to Lagos to prosecute the demand of his job.
While he was with us, before the transfer, we enjoyed every minute we had with him. He prayed, taught and help us grow in God. We were happy having him around, until the day he was transferred.

When my husband was transferred to Lagos, several people who were coming to our ministry stopped coming because Apostle wasn’t around. We were always anticipating the day he would show up, but unfortunately for us, he doesn’t show up.
One day, they brought a lady whose life was taken by the devil for us to pray for her. I called my husband on phone and told him, he said ” I’m not there, but you are there. Look for someone that can pray very long, pray with her and focus on God, he’ll tell you what to do ”
I was afraid. When they brought the Dying Lady, Fear gripped me and I lost my courage. nevertheless, we started praying seriously. I’d open my eyes to check if there was a little manifestation but nothing was happening.

We prayed till we were tired of praying and we rested as we were taught by our father; Apostle Arome Osayi.
While I prayed, my eyes opened in the Spirit and I saw an ocean with six ladies with wrappers on their chests. I also saw the Lord Jesus walked to those ladies and collected something from each of them. Jesus walked to the dying lady and placed that, which he collected from those six ladies, on the lady. The lady rose up and joined us blasting in tongues

Moral Lesson
If you’re a pastor’s wife, build yourself. Don’t depend on the grace upon your husband alone. Build Capacity. Pray. Pray. Pray.

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