“If You Are Going To Be Outstanding In Your Area Of Endeavor, Then Never Forget This….OKAY, IS NOT OKAY!” —Pastor Nathaniel Bassey

—Pastor Nathaniel Bassey
Pastor Nathaniel Bassey

Sharing with a team in church today, I let them know OKAY means satisfactory. Just enough of what is needed.
But as believers, we serve a God of not just OKAY. That is, one who doesn’t only stop at satisfactory. But one who EXCEEDS EXPECTATION.
In serving, dispensing our calling and duties. We are to do so FAITHFULLY. That is, doing exactly what is needed, however, in a way and manner that exceeds expectation.
E.g, if you are a tailor, give to your client exactly what they have paid for. But in doing so, you can deliver ahead of time. With great customer service. And some dudes value.
When you study Jesus and His miracles you can see He always exceeds expectation. Why would there be a net breaking catch of fishes? Why not just enough to contain the size of the fish.
Why surplus bread and fishes to feed the 5,000. Should have been just enough. David said, You anoint my head and my cup runs over. Why not just fill to the brim? Because that’s the nature of our God. Always exceeding expectation.
This is not just for those in ministry. In your place of work or business, determine in your heart to be the one that EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS. You have to be intentional about this.
Don’t be okay with okay. Go beyond ! Be FAITHFUL, while EXCEEDING EXPECTATION. It’s actually a kingdom mindset.

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