Christain Story: MY VIRGIN WIFE – PART 1

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Our first target is AKANBI DAMINO… Like you know well, Akanbi Damino
is one of the richest men in our country, but I am sure you don’t know he is also one of the highest-ranking sperm collectors in the country.” Tina said.

Tina, Chuks and Favour were seated in Favour’s office.
This was three months after Joan had interviewed Chuks. After the interview,
the trio had gone into 3 months of intense prayers and fasting, where they discovered certain Spiritual gifts and abilities…

Tina discovered she could see into the future and what may have happened
in the past…
Chuks realized his words carried power. Whenever he said something even
jokingly, it happened immediately as little as saying, “That cup will fall”.
“That cup will fall”. The cup will fall almost immediately. Hence, Chuks started cautioning how he used his words…

Favour had discovered her spiritual gifts but was careful not to disclose them
all to the other two. God gave her the gift of the open eyes and ears which she
disclosed to them, he also gave her some undisclosed gifts…
Here they were, seated deliberating on their first attack on the SCA. Tina was
suggesting they picked Akanbi Damino as their first target..

Akanbi had two sons he never joked with, as evil as he was, he protected his
sons with his life, because those were the two sons he had before he became
an involuntary donor of the SCA.
Tina knew If Akanbi Damino could be won over to their side, the SCA was in
for big trouble…Akanbi Damino was just a bait to get his Ropo; his Son.

Akanbi Damino could swear some people were talking about him and deliberating over his matter… The rate at which they were calling his name was distracting him. He was trying to tie up a multibillion partnership with
a foreign company in the ongoing meeting, but he kept hearing his name…
“Please, can I use the restroom?” Akanbi stood up sharply from the meeting.
He needed a minute to himself…

He walked to the gents and looked into the gent’s mirror…
“Who are you? And where are you? You who keeps calling my name…”
Akanbi said wearing his SCA specs.
Favour froze! Tina noticed…
“Favour what is wrong?” Tina and Chuks asked and instead of replying,
Favour looked sharply to her Left.

Favour saw it coming, she could see an intruder running by the Speed of
Light into their midst…
“Someone is coming to spy in on us…” Favour said as she jumped up…

“That must be Akanbi, he must have sensed us mentioning his name.” Tina
said. Her years in the SCA made her familiar with the ways of diabolical
“What do we do? He is coming really fast! He will be here in few seconds”

Favour responded
“I build a wall of Fire around us right now in Jesus name.” Chuks said
Favour immediately saw a wall of fire around them, but Akanbi on seeing the
fire built a metal frame around himself as he kept charging towards them…

“He has built a frame of metal around himself… He will penetrate the fire
soon and discover us” Favour said panting…
Tina knew that would destroy their plans. Akanbi was a brutal man who had
gone deep into high levels of occultism…
“There has to be a way out!” Tina tried to reason fast, then she saw a flash of what she could do. She saw an Angel encompassing a group

“Let’s begin to pray, I read in the scriptures, that when we pray, God’s Angels are there to guard us“. “Tina said“. I believe when the Angel surrounds us,
Akanbi won’t see us “
The trio immediately burst into tongues, praying in the Holy Ghost…
Akanbi passed through the fire, but on getting to the spot of his destination,
He couldn’t see anything … He saw big wings hovering over a set of people…

He moved around to see who they were but the wings had covered them up…
Never had his SCA Specs failed him…
He immediately ran back to where he was coming from…
Back in the toilet, Akanbi could tell he was in for big trouble…
“Whoever these people are, I will get you and finish you!” Akanbi muttered
to himself…

To be continued

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