Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Brothers and sisters I want you to trust what God is doing in and through your life.
You may not understand what he is doing but I want you to trust him.
It pays to trust him!
Remember that the mission is “follow me “•
God does not owe you an explanation to every process, he only owes you a revelation of himself to understand where he is taking you to.
We live in a very scientific world that requires that we understand every thing per second per time..
When it has to do with walking with God, you have to trust him and know that …”God you are taking me to the place of destiny and I believe you. “

Don’t rush a season in your life now because you will miss it, you will look for it and not find it.
It will take a telescope to look back and say where am I coming from.
TRANSFORMATION, that is, lasting wealth that does not fail. That is why you see wealthy people even when they loss money or whatever, it does not really shake them. Because the moment they loss MONEY, there mindset kicks in and say it’s a mistake.
You shouldn’t be poor and the holy spirit will start working with that mind to find a way of bringing you back.
There are levels of transformation that if you get to, it is only millionaires that have that kind of mindset and if you have that mindset and there is nothing in your hands, the law of God’s Justice will force you to have the resources that have that mindset.
That means if you have the mindset of a millionaire and you are in one room apartment, the law, the power that backs this law will interpret it as a lie, therefore,God will rise a destiny helper in anything shift you.

So what you do is not actually the problem, it’s who you are?
Everything is waiting for you to grow to grow as well.
You don’t look for money you will never find it. Every realm and every levels in your life have the possibility attached to it to come. You don’t bring them by getting them you bring them by knowing.
Stop leaving a fake Life. Do what is accurate at the right time.
Let men laugh while you rise,they will be witnesses when you rise……Brothers And Sister’S, Drink Your Garri With Honour.

Hear this,We win in life by strategy.
If Ruth had not gone to the farm of Boaz, she would have never married. Marriagable but no strategy.. If the Israelites carried their swords to win Jericho, they would have been slaughtered like chickens.
It takes strategies to win..
You have dreams, where is the strategy?
When I meet pastors, they tell me their message but don’t tell me the strategy. God said you should raise a people, how? Where are these people? How will you fulfil the mandate?
A friend asked me if he should stop collecting offerings in his church and I told him to go and find out how God designed the financial strategy of his ministry..go and pray and receive a strategy.
Do you know the challenge in the body of Christ?
We copy everything without thinking about it.

If I start rolling my trouser now for two weeks, I know you love me and believe in the word of God through me but you will be surprised how many people will begin to copy me by folding their trouser..They will never not ask me if what am doing is an instruction or unique dealing or if my leg is paining me ..
We copy everything and sometimes to our detriment.
I want you to get results. Be alert and focused and discerning.
One of the ways we engage this kind of tongues is to write down the things of your concern and pray while looking at it.
There is a relationship between your eyes and the realm of the spirit.
This eye is not just for looking.
You can write
and begin to pray saying”LORD WHAT IS THE WAY OUT?’
Ministry is not growing, what is the way out?(pray in tongues and be alert..) all of a sudden you can get an idea that will say” go down to zaria and see apostle to lay hands on you”.

You will think that that thought just came but it was an instruction.
Sometimes it may not even be to see a man of God.There are graces that when I wanted them, God led me to people and places..
We just do things at random, no divine direction.
I remember one day I was asking God something about ministry and literarily my hands began to shake and I typed a name and pressed enter on YouTube and a video came up with a 25 minutes message that changed my life…It contained my answer.
You have to learn this if you must raise.

You have a choice to hustle or go to God and ask him to show you the way..
My God can help men o..
Ask him to show you the way..
This is what I do with my life..

Do you Know that where death ends that’s also where resurrection starts..All happens in the grave.
Resurrection starts right in the grave. The seed of resurrection is death .
So when a thing is dying, it’s because it wants to live. We live in this kingdom by dying..
…”So then death works in us”
So when God wants to give you life, he first kills you(selfish nature)..
It is a realm called Galatians 2:20…”I have been crucified with Christ”..
It is a mystery that the more I die, I become alive..It’s the kind of death that can transit a man to life. The more I die, the more I realize am alive in glory, alive in grace..This is the price of the Anointing..
Let me submit to you, I don’t claim to know everything but the way people are seeking the things of the Spirit, they will never find it.There is no formular that can replace death..

It is not enough to be available, you must be usable.
The Bible says” nevertheless the foundation of the Lord standeth sure, having this seal..the Lord knoweth them that are his..and let every man that named him depart from iniquity..”
Then he goes on to say but in a great house there are all kinds of vessels of hold, silver and clay..some vessels unto honour some unto dishonour.. That means the possibility of metamorphosis is there..you can transit from wood, clay into gold. He says that man shall be a vessel of honour meet for the master’s use.
Death is the doorway to what many believers are looking for .
You don’t die cooperately, you die individually.
And whole it is wonderful to be inspired by great men and women God is using, sincerely speaking, I speak on behalf of any sincere man of God, there are certain levels in the spirit that even impartation can not take.. It’s a well you must dig up n the Spirit.. It is a track record you must create n the Spirit..
That you come to a point where you die to yourself;
you die to vain glory;
You die to all of these impulses…

Laugh at him, it is not enough to offend him..
He has lost the ability to be offended..
Clap for him, he won’t wake up(feel proud)..
So for as long as we are still governed by these impulses that govern our spirituality, we will corrupt the move of God and his investment upon our lives..
Remember that we are dealing with the things of the Spirit.

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