Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Shall we lift our hands up to Heaven and bless the name of the Lord. Give Him all the praise and worship Him. Go ahead and bless Him. Can you worship Him from the depth of your heart: Father we thank You.
Father, as a family of faith, we choose to say thank You for the marvelous and all inspiring things that You are doing in our midst. Indeed, no man can do these things except God be with him. Lord, we thank You for You are in our midst. Church Gist. We choose to be grateful. We choose to be discerning. We choose to see the things that You are doing. Lord, we are joining the nations from end to end to say thank You. Thank You for the miracles. Thank You for the signs, the wonders, healings, transformation and salvation. We bless You.
Tonight, we have come to learn. We have come to be built and to be established in righteousness. We pray that our hearts will be opened and we pray that Your Holy Spirit and Your Word will prevail over our minds and our lives. Change us oh God and let us go from glory to glory, in Jesus’ name I pray.
God bless you. Please be seated.
Everyday, I receive testimonies from people, literally around the world, just sharing the marvelous workings of the Spirit through the Word and through this Ministry and you will think that, having gone through this routine for a very long time, you will think there will be no more excitement but I tell you sincerely, for every time I hear and get to see the wonder working power of God through this Ministry and across the Globe, I am humbled afresh. Church Gist. You must maintain that attitude of excitement and that attitude that celebrates the slightest manifestation of the hand of God.
For as long as no man can do it by his strength, we owe God thanks and forever.
Let me tell you something; I give you a guarantee by the Spirit of the living God. If you pay attention to the things that you are learning weak in, week out. Church Gist. If you make up your mind as a determination to submit yourself to these doctrines and truths, I give you a guarantee based on the integrity of the Word of God; you will never live an ordinary life.
The responsibilities is on you to be determined. You don’t get determined when you come to Church. You make up your mind, God giving you the grace that, “I will submit to these truths. I am not going to come and argue or try to tamper with these spiritual equations. I am child-like enough to receive with meekness like the Bible says, the engrafted Word.” The Bible says that the Word of Christ should dwell in you in all wisdom. We are not going to become great just by wishing. We are not going to do so much for the Kingdom just by blind desires. It takes more than that. There is a part way according to Jeremiah 6:16.
So, every time I come here for Koinonia, whether it’s here in Abuja or anywhere at all, I come with a determination and I come with a safe assumption that everyone who will be under the influence of my voice would have made up their minds to receive, not just hear. Hearing and receiving are two different things. Church Gist. Make up your mind to not just be a hearer, be determined – a student kind of determination. I am receiving truth that is consistent with scripture backed up by the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit. First, to help me know the Lord and love Him more.
This is the protocol:

My assignment here is to fuel your desire for the things of God. That is my primary assignment in order of priority. You should never be part of this vision and not love Jesus and not be passionate about the things of God.

You are able to understand the systemic character of God, the structure of the Kingdom. That, nothing just happens and then to submit yourself to the truth that makes for transformation. Church Gist. You are moving from one stage to the other, superior version of yourself. So that the version of you that came is not the version that remains. Nobody meets with the Word of God sincerely and returns back the same. You should return back home wiser and better (John 1:5).
So, I want you to make up your mind, inspired by the Spirit and this charge to be a student. Submit yourself to knowledge, doctrine and truth. Be malleable enough to allow the Word of God come, not just to inform you or to be an addition upon the negative templates that may have been in your mind. You must submit to the Word of God.
We come from different cultures, we’ve gone through different experiences and when God brings this convergence, you must submit yourself to learn as though you do not know anything. This arrival mentality is why many people do not receive from the Lord. So, when you come before the Rabbi (the Spirit of God), not just the vessel He is using, you must be intentional. Church Gist. See the value behind the truth that you’ll learn; that every spiritual truth and principle will add value to your destiny. The peace and satisfaction that comes to you, knowing that you are working in dominion. Ignorance is dangerous, it keeps you in fear and doubt. The Bible calls knowledge and wisdom stabilizers “…they shall be the stability of your time”.
Every time the Word of God is about to come, beware of the following:

Distractions. Satan wants to fight you from receiving the Word. You can be in a meeting and not really be there, distracted by all kinds of things. Let your mind, spirit, soul and body be there with a determination to learn.

Familiarity. You have to be careful. Never get to a point where you think “I know”. John 3 and then you’ll help the preacher say 16. You can say 16 but you will never learn anything. Church Gist. Approach the Word of God with the passion of a child. It will take the attitude of a child to receive the things of the Kingdom.
As for me, I remain committed under God to make sure that every opportunity God grants that I do not waste your time, shadow boxing. It is my commitment under God to ensure that every time we are gathered like this you are exposed to sound doctrine that is consistent with the template given by the Apostles and consistent with the recommendations of scripture.
God according to scripture is mindful of every aspect and every dimension of our lives, cutting across mental transformation, fire and passion for spiritual things. The supernatural, finances, peace, all wise and this we will do as God grants grace. My part is to remain committed; your part is to remain intentional about reception. One more time, I will like you to pray tonight and ask the Lord for illumination. You are praying for yourself but you are also praying for the destinies connected to you in Jesus’ name.
Many years ago, I had a vision. In this vision, I was caught up in the realm of the spirit and I saw this giant door, very ancient door and the Holy Spirit just zoomed that vision closer to me and I found out that that giant door was made up of smaller doors and it was opening and closing and every time it opened, I saw light coming out of it and as I came closer, I found out that on every one of those smaller doors, there was a scripture written on them. Church Gist. That was when the Lord taught me that every revelation of truth in scripture has the grace and the anointing that backs it. For every revelation of God’s Word that you have, that becomes spirit and life to you, there is an anointing that is backing that revelation and that compels you to produce results consistent with the truth you have learned.
The assignment of the anointing is to validate the speakings of God. If God does not say anything, the anointing has no ministry. The anointing does not work outside of the Word. Here is the balance between the age long error that had existed specially among Pentecostals and Charismatics. There are a group of people who choose the anointing and ignore the Word and there are a group of people who choose the Word and ignore the anointing.
The anointing is the validator of the Word. That means if God says “be lifted”, the anointing that insists that in spite of all odds, you remain lifted comes into motion. So, in order of priority, the Word of God precedes the anointing (John 1:1).
So, tonight I’m here again as a faithful spiritual chef to serve us a menu in the spirit that makes for nourishment and growth according to Jeremiah 3:15. So every man of God according to scripture is a spiritual Chef and the assignment of this spiritual chef is to make sure you combine the ingredients accordingly. Church Gist. You don’t cook in the presence of the people, you prepare the meal and when they come, you serve them. It is important that we sustain the grace to be diligent. Ministry is serious business.
Tonight, I am teaching on a subject that I believe will bless us all:
Every Sunday, Wednesday, Tuesday or every other day especially in Africa, we have people moving from their homes to Christian religious places of worship and on average, most believers would tell you, “I am going to Church” and the word ‘Church’ has been seldom understood by many believers and we’ve heard preachers here and there trying to bring illumination to the subject of the House of God and the Church. It is my responsibility under God and my joy to enlighten us according to scripture, to understand in addition to the truths we have learned and learning. To understand what exactly is the Church.
The goal for this teaching is to bring us to superior spiritual knowledge as to the implication of being in and part of the house of God.
Genesis 28:10-17, Matthew 16:13-18
The idea of Church did not start with the Founders of ministries. The idea of Church did not start with some of our patriarchs alive and dead. Church Gist. The idea of church was not just a government initiative to have an institution that supports activities that relate to faith and spirituality. No! The idea of church was God’s own invention. It was a product of God’s own intelligence. Many believers see the Church as several things. For others, the church represents a building that has some level of excellence connected to it. Where believers come together and then they have the opportunity to worship God. Others see the church as a body or that a church refers to any platform that carries a semblance of spirituality or any platform that seem to have loyalty to the Christian faith.
So, my question tonight very briefly is, what is the Church? I’m going to be giving you three dimensions of the Church because if you do not know what the Church is, you will embrace any definition that the devil gives you about the Church. The reason why many people do not respect the Church is because they do not even understand what it is. Church Gist. It is a very mysterious entity that the government and academicians cannot define. It was not a product of a research from an institution. The Church came from the mind of the Fountain of wisdom Himself. So journey with me as we explore three definitions which represent three dimensions to our understanding of the Church.

The first revelation of the Church according to scripture is found in Jeremiah 51:20-23. The Church is a spiritual strategy, more than a people, the first revelation of the Church that I want you to have is; the Church as a spiritual strategy. An invention from God’s intelligence.
A spiritual strategy mandated to be used by God as the only tool that is able to purge, to cleanse and to reveal Christ and His purposes in His fullness. For instance, if I have a problem with my car and I am unable to move it, I can hire another car that will help to drag it to a place where it will be fixed and a strategy is usually invented where I can connect and connect with the moving car that is alive and then connect it to the vehicle. Church Gist. That is a strategy to remedy for something. The fact that the Church came into being is already proof that there was something that was not correct. So the Church has come as a spiritual strategy to remedy a condition or a situation.
Jesus Christ Himself called us light and salt in scripture. That immediately suggests that for us be called light means there is darkness and for us to be called salt means there is a level of tastelessness somewhere and lack of preservation. So the Church is a spiritual strategy. The Church in fact is the only spiritual strategy that has the capacity to reveal Christ in His fullness and to bring Him glory and to subdue principalities and power. Church Gist. That means wherever there is darkness, confusion, lack of growth and enlightenment, wherever the purposes of God have not been made institutional within any territory, it is a reflection that the Church may not be there or shinning as light. So, do not ask why you are put in midst of darkness. You are a strategy – God’s own strategy.
For every car that you buy, usually you will have a few tools in that car (a tool box containing screwdrivers, spanners, extra tyre somewhere in the car, jack etc). All of those things are tools and they are strategies to make sure that for no reason will you stop moving forward if you need to. That means, whenever there is darkness, God pulls out from His toolbox and brings someone out. The Church is a spiritual strategy.
I am not just a man of God; I am a strategy. Do you know what that means? I am a strategy, a tool to be able to achieve something very divine, very exact as far as the revelation of Christ is concerned. That immediately cures you from this sense of complex and inferiority. Church Gist. You are a strategy. A strategy takes time to bring forth. Many of you are mathematicians, if you want to solve a problem, you’d sit down and think. You are the final decision of the intelligence of God. The Church as a strategy means you are the final decision of a conclusion. The parliaments of Heaven sat down and thought of how the purposes of God will remain and the conclusion of that meeting is you. The only strategy that sustains the ability to make Kingdom come a reality is the Church.
If it is true that the Church is a strategy, it means that strategy should find expression in politics, government and business. The Bible says I will break in pieces and He began to list different people. Men were captured in that experience, women, maid, rulers, princes, captains – everyone. So, the cure for the political decadence in Africa generally is the Church. Church Gist. The cure for the economy problems of men, this is the reason why when you say the Church has no business in empowering men, you are already insulting the very definition of the Church. Wherever there is darkness, it is exactly where we are invited. If everybody becomes a preacher, the Church will die because the Bible says, some He gave Apostles, Evangelists… So, the proposition that everybody should become a man of God, like to preach as the way to bring Kingdom come is a very sincere but inaccurate understanding. The pulpit is the platform that shapes the understanding of the people like I am doing but the real place of assignment is not the pulpit. The real place of assignment is wherever there is darkness.
Based on scripture and based on history, all most (I’m saying this thing as an opinion which is grounded on scripture) every other religion and institution that I know do not have the power to cast out demons. We are represented in the realm of the spirit by the Word of God. When principalities and powers are discussing our destiny, we must refuse to be a victim of their discussions and use the power of the Word.
The only way you move spirit from one safe location to another safe location is to stimulate the habitation of that spirit. Let me give you an instance: we will never glorify the devil in the name of Jesus. Let say, I’m not a believer and I’m a idol worshipper in the village somewhere. If I want to call a spirit from wherever it is to a festival that is happening, do you know what I need to do? Church Gist. My first assignment is to study the habitant of that spirit spiritually and then through these sacrifices, I stimulate the same environment of that spirit, it can now leave wherever it is and come right here and still feel at home. This is the reason why based on that same principle, God is comfortable to be in Heaven and yet live in your heart because your heart is a stimulation of the throne, so He can stay comfortable in your heart.
When you go through that process of salvation, something really happens to your heart. It is Heaven manifesting in your heart. On legal basis, the Holy Spirit can reside within your heart and find the same comfort He’s having on Jesus. Most of the problems in our world today are spiritual in origin. When manifesting physically, they will have political, economy, sociological, medical, intellectual expressions but largely, the same way all good things came from the realm of the spirit, all troubles come from the realm of the spirit. For further study, I make reference to the book of job and you will learn there that nothing just happens in this realm.
I made up my mind that nothing will be discussed in the realm of the spirit about me without my participation. No way! I will not be a victim of the conclusion. I am a spirit and I dwell in a body. I have the advantage of duality of realms. I have to be invited in that meeting and find out whether the conclusion there has Kingdom-come connected to it. Church Gist. You don’t have to be there in a visionary experience, the Word of God is a worthy messenger that can enter the realm of the spirit and represent your interest there. Send the Word to be present in that meeting and you are sure that your interest will be defended. So, if you are discussing my destiny in the realm of the spirit even while I am sleeping, the Word of God will show up in that meeting, invited or not, provided you mention my name. Mentioning my name is the invitation.
The days that we are living in now, if you allow things to just happen and you become the victim of the conclusion, you will see things happening in your life that will surprise you. Every time you pray, whether it is convenient or not, you are sending words like messengers to line up in the realm of the spirit, protecting your interest. Church Gist. Anything that does not represent what the Word of God says, they have the assignment to fight it even while you are asleep. The Word of God does not work in this physically realm alone, He is exalted above every other word, dominions or thrones in this world or the world to come.
There are many of you now, wanting to know who is meeting against you is a waste of time. You can only respond to the ones that you know but the Word of God complete and whole, send it in prayer through your confession to the realm of the spirit to form a garrison around your destiny. Let me tell you this, before Jesus died, he kept sending the Word that, “I will die but after three days, I will resurrect”. Church Gist. Can I tell you, if Jesus Christ did not send the Word, those gates will not open because now been dead, he did not have a body and according to the law of territory, once you exit this realm, it will take someone with a body to call you from that realm, you cannot enter without a body.
You can send the Word of God into your 2023, 2024. It is only you that celebrates new year, the Word of God does not celebrate New Year. The realm of the spirit is a continual…
Someone in one minute send the Word:
“I am the head and not the tail. In the name of Jesus, above only and not beneath. I decree and declare by the power of the Holy Ghost, Gentiles shall come to my light, kings to the brightness of my rising. The favour of the Lord is upon my life.
I decree and declare, no weapon that is fashioned against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against me, it will fall in judgement. I decree and declare; a thousand shall fall by my side, ten thousand by right side, none shall hurt me. With my eyes shall I see and behold the reward of the wicked. Church Gist. When men say there is a casting down, I decree and declare; that there is a lifting up in the name of Jesus. My path is as a shining light that shines ever brighter even unto the perfect day. I know whom I believe and I am persuaded that He is able to keep that which is committed unto Him against that day.
I am above only; above thrones, dominions, seated with Christ in the name of Jesus. Blessed in the morning, evening, afternoon and blessed in the City. Favour on me by the spirit of the living God”.

Listen, please hear me believers: you are been trained to know how to be victorious. This is what you are receiving. Hear me, I will tell you the principal way the Church is used as a strategy to bring everything to the obedience of Christ. In this Kingdom, the Church executes its role as a strategy through the power of speaking words. The primary tool for change for a believer is not just physical action – the Words, especially when you are dealing with demonic forces. When you are dealing with systems and structures, there is no place for intelligence and acting participation. But when you are dealing with the realm of the spirit, it is immaterial even though it is real. So the weapon of our warfare…, but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.
For every time you see evil and darkness happening and you don’t do anything about it and say “I am helpless,” you are insulting your construction. Many times, because we have not seen the power of Words in action, we feel that all we do is just to pray? Go and ask Daniel in Babylon. Ask what the parliament sought for: “Silence this man just for thirty days to give us room to cause havoc.”
Can I tell you this: it is not lack of money that is making the devil to prevail over your family. I told you that when it starts from the realm of the spirit, when it arrives physically, it will now have an expression and diverge itself according to different areas. So when you see that everybody who has a job in your family is losing their job. The fact that you can discern it is proof that God is holding a battle axe that is refusing to rise in His hand. Let me tell you what to do from tonight: step into your room, switch from being a man to being a strategy. Church Gist. Lock that door and say, “Father there is something that can be done over this situation. I may not be able to physically give my brother a job or stop this plague of death, but in the name of Jesus…” Step into that control room and begin to send Words to manipulate realities from the realm of the spirit until they become consistent with the Word of God.
Every time you pray only in the face of danger, you are praying late. The real advantage of prayer is to go as a forerunner to your results. That means tomorrow’s prayer should not be prayed tomorrow. Tomorrow’s prayer should enter tomorrow and wait for that day so that anything that is inconsistent with God’s Word is stopped immediately. Words are powerful. Have this mentality; you are not a nuisance to the society.
Let me tell you one of the ways that Satan knows that you have entered a prophetic season, according to the realm of the spirit and according to scripture, Satan is not omniscient. That means he depends on many factors for the supply of his information. One of them is angelic activities because every time a man steps into a prophetic season, there are heightened angelic activities, moving across the earth and complying the human systems that must partner with prophecy to make the Word of God come to pass. Church Gist. Satan knows because he was once in the system. One of the ways you will know that you are stepping into a defining moment is through unusual attacks. Most of them will make no sense. This is why you need to pray. Waiting to understand your situation before you pray is living a defeated life. The prayer language was given as an advantage and all-purpose weapon.
The Church is a strategy that was invented by God’s intelligence. That means, when you downplay the Church, you are downplaying the principal strategy that sustains the ability to reveal Jesus. The strategy is not the denominationalism, the strategy is not the religiosity, the strategy is the Church in its purest and its essence.
The CCTV camera in many organizations is a strategy to ensure and insists that a level of maximum security be kept and it function to make sure that it captures the happenings around the vicinity to the end that everyone coming in and going out are protected. So God has made us strategies, regardless of where you find yourself. Moses was more than a prophet, Moses was the strategy that God used to bring an exodus of God’s people. Church Gist. It is fresh to me today as it was many years ago because it did not come from a human standpoint. I had a vision and in that vision, I was in an elevated place and then I saw a whole generation of people. In that vision, they were crying and saying no food and no water. I knew it was not just a group of people, it was a whole generation and I felt very responsible. I was talking with those who were in front, I said who is the cause for this? They pointed their hands at me and said, “you are the reason why we are starving from lack of food and water”. I said to myself, “I will not do this kind of evil against you”. Church Gist. I made up my mind in that vision, “I am coming to rescue you”. I remember in that vision that it looks like some people had chased me into that place of confinement and I was just trying to hide like Gideon and I made up my mind with the courage of Esther; “If I perish, I perish”.
I opened that door and the moment I opened the door to go down, I just saw this giant looking grey headed man. Very old with a bright garment. He smiled at me and said, “give me your hands. I will walk with you.” Now I know it was the Holy Spirit. He held my hand. It never tires me to share this experience. We were to jump from building to building but there were small ladders connecting one building to another. I was too small to take the giant leap. Church Gist. So, he jumped to the other side of the building and was waiting for me and to climb slowly through the ladder to connect and he just placed his hand and was smiling at me. What kind of a vision is this? Now I understand – I am a strategy. You must believe that about yourself. If you don’t have this mindset, you will live a defeated life of failure. This is more than a motivation; God is counting on you. There is a unique assignment to you as a strategy.
Prophesy to yourself: “I am God’s strategy”.
Listen, fire does not fear how many things are put on it. You don’t put wood and fire says it is too much. You just leave it for a while. It sustains a unique ability, you can’t catch it, yet everything physical submit to it. He makes His angels winds and His ministers, flames.

  • May God locate you in an area where your efficiency will be without struggle.
    The moment you find yourself struggling in an area, it is proof that the grace is not there. Don’t kill yourself. There are people who are not ministers of the Gospel like preachers. Just admit it with all honesty and look for where there is grace for you. Church Gist. I submit to your therefore that you must obtain grace from God to really know what area, you have been assigned to. Some of you are intercessors like Anna the prophetess, find rest in that noble ministry and see it as noble as preaching before a crowd on a Crusade ground. Don’t fail in that assignment.
    Some of the people who pray for me as a ministry, you may never see them. They may never come on this pulpit. I met with a group of women, a few weeks ago. I traveled to a particular region and I was told that these women (they are comfortable and they are doing well), about seven of them. They said, Apostle, God gave us a mandate to pray for you. We are your intercessors by God. When I saw them, I was so broken. I said, “what do I do to these people to let them know that I love and appreciate them?” Church Gist. Now, when you see Joshua Selman doing well and doing exploits, you think it is just a product of his personal prayer life? Until the day we stand before Jesus, you will see how many people’s prayer provided the leverage for us to rise to this level. The moment you are in a position of visibility, be wise enough to know that the invisible is what births the visible. There are people because of their efficiency as God’s strategy, praying for men of God and praying for nations. You will find out that God will covenant with them that their whole family must have leaders. They may not be very educated but you will never lack leaders in those families. It is God’s covenant and His reward system.
  1. The Church refers to the men and women (human vessels) that are the hosts of Heaven on earth and the executors of God’s purpose (1 Peter 2:5). The reason why you feel the presence of God on earth, the reason why you see Him manifest on earth is because there are human vessels that have accepted to be hosts for Him and there are human vessels that have accepted to be executors of His purposes. Church Gist. Plans and purposes are vain until you find not only a strategy; you find the human vessels that are willing to execute it. The Church in addition to being a strategy, we are the executors of the will and the purposes of God.
    Romans 12:4-5
    The Church is not only a strategy, it is also a people, God’s chosen people. The ones who become the principal executors of His will and His plan. Every time there are no human vessels, even when there is a strategy for God’s program, His program becomes limited until He finds a man. Church Gist. The Church refer to men, not chairs. Chairs without men is not the Church. A good sermon without the men to listen to it, does not make the Church. The Church refer to the men and women. Without men, there is no Church. The more God finds willing men, the more His purposes can advance. When there are few men who call upon the name of the Lord, it is going to be difficult to advance the purposes of God.
    The extended meaning of this is that every time God sends men to church, we must obtain the grace to treat those men with honour, knowing that without men, there is no church and every time God is sending those men, you are grateful and you serve them the meal of God’s Word principally and then make sure that within the time that they are under your influence, they feel the love, the warmth, the peace and the fellowship that befits those who are called by the name of the Lord.
    Invest in excellence, media, quality sound but not to the detriment of the men. That means if the Church refers to men, the highest attention should not be given to loud speakers, aesthetics or non-human entity. The highest attention in any church should be to the men. That means the most important part of any church service is the part that deals directly with men: Worship, prayer, Word. Do you know that everything from opening prayer to the grace is about men? Church Gist. When you are praying, you are praying that God will make the service a blessing. The worship team – calling us together in worship, to just press into God as we lay down our crowns and worship Him. The testimonies are coming to encourage men and to become a blessing that people can believe. The Word session comes as system of building and edification for the men – everything is about men.
    Man of God, when ministry becomes all about you, there is something wrong. True ministry is not about the man that God uses. There is a place for the honour that priesthood demands. But I am telling you, the real assignment of a man, a minister is to build men. If you hate those men, you can never truly build the people you hate. Never be exalted too high that you lose touch with the men you are sent to because you will be aborting and destroying your assignment. We must sustain compassion, the stamina to deal with men and to do so well. Church Gist. As many of you know, I’ve had quite a very serious schedule right from Wednesday, I’ve been traveling over four states or so and then this morning and then right here. Sometimes people will say, “Apostle you are stretching yourself too much and all of that. But when I remember, that the Church is not the building or the pulpit, the Church refers to men, the men that Jesus died for, the men that He so loved and loves, the men that He’ll use to birth His purposes; I am motivated afresh to see that those men are trained. We must trust God to restore the discipleship, to make sure that every time we gather, we do not waste the time of God’s people. It is all about men in as much as it is all about Jesus Christ.
  2. The Church is the only institution that is mandated to teach, mentor and build people in the ways and methods of God (1 Timothy 3:15). Every time you are searching for a place where you can find truth, truth being Jesus, doctrine, the ethics that make for civil living and international living, the Church is that institution mandated with the responsibility of shaping culture correctly. The Bible calls it the pillar and the ground of truth.
    Hebrews 10:24-25
    The Church is an institution. From a Kingdom standpoint, the Church is a real institution, valuable to God, for nation building. The Church is the principal contributor for the moral correctness of a territory. Any territory without a church will be a territory of lawlessness, carelessness, indiscipline and lack of responsibility. Church Gist. When you know this as a man of God and as a faith, you will respect minister. We are contributors to nation building because we are bringing principles that are applicable here and now even though spiritual in context but they have their applicability everywhere.
    Whenever you are looking for a place where you will find a family of like-minded people, the solution is the Church. When you want to make good friends, come to the Church. There is no guarantee from scripture that God said I will tabernacle in a bank, a classroom or a court. But God made a covenant with His house that His presence will jealously be represented in His house. Church Gist. As an institution, the Church is the principal avenue for learning the ways of God. The manual for the growth and the maturity of the believers in the Church is the Bible in partnership with the Holy Spirit.
    During the pandemic last year, where there was a lock down for about three months or there about, do you know how many people’s lives went down: spiritually and other wise? Because there are people based on their background, they have no family anywhere. There are people who have lost father and mother. The only family they have literally is the Church. There are people whose financial support comes from the Church. Church Gist. There are educated people today because they were part of the Church. They are people who have found purpose and meaning to their lives because they were part of the Church. You cannot tell how many people today who have found relevance in their lives, only because they came to church “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go to the house of God”. If you are looking for love and family, come to the Church.
    Apostle, but my biggest pain has come from the Church. That is because the devil also came to the Church, so we have to get him out of the Church. He’s not invited. Never you ignore the Church as an institution. The Church is that one family. There are two kinds of family on earth; the physical family and the spiritual family. The spiritual family is a real family. If you are in church, you must have this family mentality; coming to church is like coming home. The only place where God can accept you as you are while He is changing you. If you ignore the Church, there are many things you will not be able to achieve. There are times that your fire can go down and then you come to the Church and you sit down. Sitting and hearing the testimonies of these precious people and I’m wondering, what if there was no church?
    I know that many of you been wounded from church; bitter experiences from church. But regardless of what has happened, church still remains your zone of safety. The Church is the safest place. Everybody cannot be a devil. Church Gist. All you need is to find one person who loves and loves Jesus you genuinely and I can tell you, there are enough people in every true church to communicate the love of Christ.
    It is God’s idea and His intention that every believer becomes part of a larger community of believers. Community living is the key to sustaining Kingdom value. It is going to be difficult for you to excel in isolation. So, when God picks you, He connects you to a larger body of believers. It is your assignment to connect indeed. The Church is not a disadvantage. The Church is a blessing. Jesus is the Head of the Church. If you don’t trust the body, trust the Head. The body may fail but the Head will never fail.
    The nature of our work may seem to provide some level of elevated positions, but I tell you intrinsically, every single one, as far as Christ is concerned, we carry equal value. The value and the price being the blood of Jesus. It has never been my philosophy to treat people as far as my attention is concerned based on whatever it is. Whoever you father is or whoever you are, thank God for your pedigree. Church Gist. You will be given honour that is commensurate to your sacrifice but as far as my mindset and my understanding is concerned, everybody who God brings to this place is a valuable and a special person. In truth I may not be able to reach out to everybody. I wish I could. But I’m using this message tonight, to talk to you and to our global family, that as far as Joshua Selman is concerned and Koinonia is concerned, there are no ordinary members. Everyone purchased with the blood of Jesus is a special and unique person.
    I remember during the graduation of the School of Ministry students, I was walking round, usually that is what I do because I am not preaching. So, I was walking round and I was almost going to look for a place to sit and all these my security and protocol people, they will not let me rest. They were doing their job and I was standing and people were watching me as though it was Jesus Christ. I said, “common listen. I am a human being. My mother is alive, my father is alive. It is only the privilege of God’s grace. I only sit here because of leadership, protocol and the assignment. The day I am not doing that assignment, I should be able to sit anywhere and feel comfortable. If I cannot do that, I am only insecure, it has nothing to do with God. Because my value is not based on the position. It is the revelation of who I am.”
    For people who neglect the gathering of the believers and they said church is only in the heart, correct them and say you are right but not completely right. There is something you only receive when believers are gathered together (Psalm 133).
    Make it a culture to never look down on anyone. In terms of finances, spiritual exposure, enlightenment, the truth is that we are not at the same level. Never the less, you should be comfortable to hug somebody whose father is not known. This is the Church. They should be able to find love without explanation, love without reason. The moment you have a reason, it is no longer love. The first core value in this ministry is love, not power. Everything is motivated by love . People are looking for a home more than a sermon. You can listen to sermon online but you cannot find a home online. There is a difference between listening to teaches online and being in the presence of God, a place of genuine laughter and love – no pretense.
  • Lord, help me to be effective as your battle axe, as the man you will use in this season and as part of this institution – the Church.
  • Lord, give me the grace to be an active contributor to God’s strategy called the Church.
    Father, we pray that Koinonia will remain a place of encounters, a place of revelation, a place of transformation and the House of God in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord we declare from tonight’s teaching that we are willing to be sharpened battle axes that You will use to beat down the gates of darkness. Lord we declare that we are the men and women You have found worthy to become hosts of Your presence and advancers of Your purposes. Lord we thank You for this family Koinonia and for every church and every ministry represented in the Body of Christ.
    Oh God, strengthen the bond of fellowship. Bring unity over Your body. Let all the works of the devices, the prejudices and all the things that divide us and weaken our strength, I pray oh God that they will fade in light of what You are doing. As for this ministry, I pray that You will increase our bond of love and fellowship. That in truth, we will love one another without discrimination, without favouritism. We’ll love one another in spite of our different level of stratification in the name of Jesus.
    Lord we commit ourselves to love one another and to love You. We pray that in and through our lives, Jesus will be revealed. We pray by extension oh God, committing our global family across the nations of the earth; we pray that that bond of unity and love will rest upon everyone of us in Jesus’ name.
  • May the Lord bless you, prosper you, and reveal Himself to you.
  • I decree that everything that has mocked God concerning your life, as a result of your coming tonight, I prophesy and I declare; it ceases from happening in your life!
  • I prophesy to you, in the name that is above all names, return with strange miracles of financial open doors!
  • For everyone here who is sick in his body the devil has taken advantage of you, not the Church. I decree and declare; that everything that represents darkness in your life, let it be far away from your life!
  • Every business here, I decree and declare; the grace to excel, let it come upon you!
  • Every dormant gift that is lying down within you, I decree and declare; that gift is activated!
  • Anyone whose spiritual life is going down; your prayer life and your passion for God is going down. I decree and declare fresh fire upon your spiritual life!
  • Everyone who have been bereaved, we decree and declare, let the Healer bring healing to you right now!
  • We stand here prophetically and we declare over Nigeria, Africa and Abuja. We decree and declare, in the name of Jesus Christ that the purposes of God will be established in our lives in the name Jesus!
  • Every controlling power over this territory; FCT, Nigeria, the continent of Africa, we lend our voices as the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, as a united force, we decree and declare; like Dagon fell before the Ark, we declare that every altar that does not project Jesus, let it fall before the Ark of His presence in the name of Jesus.
  • The Lord bless you. The Lord honour you in Jesus name.

Source: Church gist

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