Show Me Lord!

Show me Lord

I have tarried long on this mountain and i am not in a hurry to leave; show me!!! Show me oh God!!
Show me the rooms my fathers accessed in you!! Show me as i pray!! If it take 40years to learn of your ways.. Hide me in cave adullam and teach me till am mature in You.
Show me the portals John the baptist accessed that he was hidden for about 17years in the wilderness!!!! WHAT POWERED HIM? What did you do to a mortal man that he lived on HONEY & LOCUST?
I have read books!! I have read… I have read books by my fathers but i have realized that there are dimensions in you that cannot be accessed through books but until reality is birthed by thy spirit.. Show me!!.. BOOKS HAVE BETRAYED ME!!!
Show where you took Billy Graham too that made him preach John 3:16 till he died and yet pulled many souls to you….oh God show me.
Oh God show me the secret of Staying in the place of Prayers with you till I see your power and glory….
Show me how a man can eat spirit and life and translate it to english!!! How did John the beloved do it?
Take me to the landmarks my fathers have erected in you!! Show me!!! Take me on this journey!! This heritage that has been preserved by immortals and passsed by my father… It cannot be lost in my time.
How can a man appear from no where and lock up the heavens of a country… Not a family but a COUNTRY…. How did he gain the scepter?
How did John the baptist appear publicly for just 6months and gained influence over soldiers, tax collectors and even to the political sector? What did he eat in the spirit realm?? What did he eat in that wilderness?? It’s beyond honey & locust!!! There’s more!!!
Show me what made David qualify for the anointing that made you tell Samuel to ARISE and ANOINT HIM.
Show me!!! Show me!! I am not in a hurry!! Show me!!
Show me!!! Show me!!! The hailing of mortals is deception… Show meeee!!!
Show me the well they drank from!!! Lemme eat what they ate!!
Hmmmm!! I give up on my strength…thatthe full reality of your realm be formed in me.

Oh God break my heart and bend my knees
Oh God lock me in the prayer room and throw the keys away.

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