Prayer Is A Discipline!

Prayer is a discipline and a habit we should develop. It should not be something where we wait for a crisis or we are in a desperate situation and then we start to pray. Perhaps most people are the desperate type.
They may never go to something like an overnight prayer unless they are in a real crisis. I think this kind of Christianity is not worthy of our Lord Jesus Christ. We come to Him only when we are desperate. We have not moved into the discipline of prayer that God wants us to have.
I want to share some of my experiences with you. From the early start of my Christian life, most of my prayers have been the desperate type. I was tremendously hungry for God. So when I seek God, I really seek Him. I would go on long travail; long fasts, just seek Him day and night. So that was the desperado style. It has its results. As I grow in God, I began to realize what God wants is that He wants us to develop a discipline in prayer so that we will mature in Him. There may be occasions where desperado tactics are necessary. But they are done in situations where circumstances beyond your control, rather than things that you fall into yourselves.
As we begin to be Discipline in Prayers, we begin to have…
Spiritual Death of the Flesh
Spiritual Deposit.
Spiritual Driven Hunger and Passion for God.
Spiritual Delight in God’s word.
Spiritual Desire to know God more.
Spiritual Devotion and Dedication.
Spiritual Discerment in all matters of wisdom.
Let’s stop this “HIT and RUN” Kind of Prayers and get serious with God.
Let’s stop this “DESPERADO” kind of prayers and move into prayers that can kill our flesh.
If you are praying just because of Bread and Butter then you are far from what God is doing in this End time…
Spirit Guided prayers are ochestrated to download God in our lives for us to be able to manifest him more on earth….
There are Levels in Prayers….
Can we wholly SURRENDER to the Holy Spirit for he is ready to help us to grow…
We won’t stop until God be Glorified in and through us.

It is not that you are praying more and spending more hours in Bible study, but ask yourself in all sincerity why.
You usually spend 15 minutes in prayer and study weekly before now, why have you increased it to 21 hours weekly? Is it so that you can become more powerful spiritually?
So that you can teach the word and make people leave their seats? So that you can lay hands and ushers are running all over the place? Why are you spending more time in prayer?
The key to accurate spiritual advancement is the heart posture. You may have all the right techniques, but if your heart is wrong, you will just be another steel in the devil’s foundry. Men who met with God, set out in desperation to seek Him and Him alone.
It wasn’t the call that kept them on their knees for hours unending, it was hunger.
Thirst for God was their driving force and not revelation. We have praying men but they only pray in preparation for a prayer meeting. We have men who study the Bible, but that is so that they can teach.
These things don’t work that way. Every believer should labour to keep his heart upright. God does not look at your prayer life, he looks at your heart. Get your heart right by praying, then pray to keep it right.
Study to show yourself approved unto God not unto the people of God.
Let your labour not be in vain.
The key is in your heart.
Check your heart.
Check your motive.

When you pray as a prayer warrior, you are serving God directly and intimately. When you are praying for others, you are fulfilling God’s will for them.
When you advance the kingdom of God in prayer, you are forcing back the works of darkness.
You are causing chains to break, allowing captives of the enemy to go free and bringing restoration where there has been none.
You are causing healing and wholeness to take root where there has been sickness, brokenness, and suffering. You are bringing comfort where there has been despair.
You are instilling hope where there has been hopelessness.
You are revealing Jesus to those who have been transfixed by the trappings of false gods and idols.
You are bringing the love of God where people don’t even know it exists.
No matter how you feel and what you are going through, Make sure you pray!
Whatever stops you from Praying can Kill you.
Oh God BAPTISE me with fresh burden for Prayers.
Oh God break my heart and bend my knees
Oh God lock me in the prayer room and throw the keys away.

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