“NIGERIA IS A NATION THAT PROMOTES EVIL AND FRUSTRATES GOOD! Leave Our Spiritual Fathers Alone” -Bishop David Abioye

Bishop David Abioye
Bishop David Abioye

Nigeria frustrates those making progress and promotes those stealing money.
Take away the Church from Nigeria
Take away our spiritual fathers,
There is nothing left.
I am talking about facts, not speaking in faith.
How many Church universities employing staff yet receiving nothing from government and paying salaries.
People steal and take money abroad and the Church spends in Nigeria and that is where your interest lies.
Members of the Church have capacity to rule the nation yet they will not give them chance.

Someone recently said ‘Living Faith Church already has a Master Plan for 2032 yet Nigerian government does not have a plan beyond 2020’.
You say our spiritual fathers are using aircraft. Do you know what they are using it for?
They go everywhere preaching the gospel.
Many young people flying jets in all sorts of occultism groups and nobody asking any questions.

How is the Church running scholarships, repairing roads, maintaining their electricity without collecting any loan?
The politicians are building mansions for themselves. Contracts everywhere yet no development.
Every State in Nigeria collects tax, where is the development, where are the hospitals, where are the roads and schools?
People who are working and making things happen should be appreciated not castigated. Leave Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo alone.

Leave all our spiritual fathers alone.
You want to appoint someone to steal all the money they find in the Churches?
Have you finished controlling the government parastatals before you come and control the Church?
A man was appointed by the FEC a few days ago and within the same hour he was replaced by a cabal.
Are we daft?
Why is nobody speaking?
Are you not pained in your heart when you see our roads, electricity, schools, go to Masaka and see people suffering without hope.

Are you not pained in your heart,
God will give rest to this nation.
The former British Prime Minister said if Britain loses the kind of money stolen in Nigeria, the Country will collapse in 2 years.
God will give rest to Nigeria.

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