It’s important I briefly address a particular issue this morning. I won’t take too much of your time.
But I often see too many cases all over social media whereby women will bring terrible marital cases and they tell us she married him cos he is a Pastor, I’ve handled several of such cases personally too.

You see dear Sis. Marriages don’t succeed because it’s a minister’s home. Don’t marry a guy because he’s a pastor, marry the man not his office. It takes more than annointing and scripture quoting to make a good husband, it is character and ability to follow God’s word that makes a good husband.

Never mix success in ministry with success in marriage. The fact that a man understands the principles of ministry and succeeding in ministry, doesn’t mean he automatically understands the principles of marriage and will succeed in marriage. Ministry and Marriage are two different institutions, the prerequisites and qualifications for admittance and success are totally different.

A man doesn’t have to be a pastor to make a good husband, he only needs to be a good son of God. So ladies out there, I need you to please stop telling me you want to marry him because he’s a pastor. We know them by their fruits not by their offices or positions in church. Believe me, my marriage is not succeeding because I’m a minister, it’s succeeding because I choose to follow God’s principles on marriage. And I’ve been following them before marrying.

Same goes for guys too, but it’s more common with ladies, that’s why I’m facing them more.
Have a blessed day ahead.

© Adetutu Oshofowora

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