I was watching William Braham sermon one day and he said the longest fast he had ever fasted was 3days, i was angry, because at that period i can fast,
I fast! fast!! fast!!!
I fasted so much that i couldn’t wear my normal cloths again, but there are so many strange dimensions of God’s grace that was made known on earth through the ministry of William braham, he operated strange dimensions.

One day, William Branham was in a car and the engine of the car knocked and he said; Lord Jesus, Let there be a brand new engine, the mechanic had gone to town to repair and make some important repairs but before he came back, a brand new engine working perfectly and effectively had been released, now imagine such a dimension just by 3days fasting???

Another time, he likes to hunt, he’s at times a hunter, so one day Williams Branham went to the bush, all the animals had ganged up and non was available, and he was confused, what is he going to give his wife; just at that point, he requested, Lord Jesus, let there be squirrel and the squirrel appeared!
Now what i have come to understand about this dimensions of Power manifestation is that, it is a creative realm.
Its beyond the blind seeing, the lame walking, its much more than all of that, its a very creative realm.

That is the class of God, like the bible says God declared “Let there be light and there was light! so i decided am going to watch him and know his secret because 3days fasting can not produce this dimensions, in my findings i discover he lived right; and he was always alone,he does not mix with people, sometimes he would lock up himself for 4days he is eating, praying, worshiping God, serving God, alone, and at times when he have programs to be held in few weeks times, he goes to the bush, make burn fire, roast animals, serve and worship God, he often disconnect from people to connect with God.

And I was able to discover that the easiest way to get close to God is to get away from people.
I have been able to imbibe this nature, to walk with God, you must spend more time with him and less time with people, you can never walk in the power of God having too many friends.
God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in the spirit and in truth; so you can’t be in the spirit often like it is expected of you when you are always with men.

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