I’ve observed the recent longing for Revival in many church circles and it is without doubt that our desires are good ones.
However, we may have limited the scope of Revival to the dimensions that we seem more important, meanwhile there’s another side to it that is equally important or in some situations, even more important.

Let’s start from a previously emphasized burden.
So Revival is not just about public figures and renown men joining the church, while God will have all men saved, a revival may not necessarily make renown and popular men join us. Infact, the reverse may be the case.

If Revival suggests the restoration of the Church and Christian Norm, history has already schooled us that Persecution and rejection may be more pronounced than acceptance.
Once again, God wants all men to be saved, but the way we seem to associate Revival with prominent members of the society joining the church already shows we think that the rich man is more important than the poor in God’s eyes, On this note, we need a revival of accurate “scales and measurement”
Revival is also not just about greater demonstrations of power and spiritual gifts.

We also need a revival of Christian character and behaviour. A revival of love, meekness, patience, self control and kindness.
Revival will not only make the cripple walk, it will make us love those that hate us and pray for those who curse us.
Revival will not only baptize us prophetic utterances and Angelic tongues, it will make us go through persecution with supernatural joy that will baffle our accusers.

Revival will not only equip us with mighty tools of warfare against the devil, it will compel us to live in peace with all men as the Bible commands.
Revival is also not just about the church pretending to be perfect.
It Is not Revival if people who really love Jesus but still have shortcomings hide their sins and just pretend like all is well because they are afraid of the shame that will follow if they admit they need help.
It is not really Revival if an erring Saint refuses to come to church because the prophets will expose his secret sins in a way that will totally destroy his sense of belonging.

It will be Revival if every Saint who fails is so confident that he will be restored in the spirit of meekness and immediately confides in the brethren about his errors because he’s certain they are spiritually mature enough to help him stand again.
Revival is also not just about spiritual potency in matters like intercession and discernment.

Revival should also involve a baptism of Generosity that will lead to no lack in the body as seen in the early church.
If Revival only makes us act well towards God but we remain individualistic saints who are content with our pleasure and comfort without ever bothering about suffering members of our own family, such Revival is not complete.
Revival will destroy our selfishness.
It will unleash generosity.
It will affirm our unity!
Both sides of the Revival pursuit are urgently needed, we can get both and be completely revived.

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