The gospel we’re Preaching, it can’t change anything. There are many continents and countries today, that are going through terrible Persecutions. If the only thing they have access to is this thing we’re Preaching, they’ll deny Jesus Christ.
You don’t know what’s going on around Afghanistan, you don’t know what’s going on around China and Japan. You don’t know what is happening around Pakistan. If it is this thing we’re Preaching, Ten thousand people gather around you and you’re teaching them about WEALTH CREATION. That’s what Pastors are Preaching; WEALTH CREATION.

We even come to organise ‘ CRYPTOCURRENCY CONFERENCE ‘ in the Church. Because our goal is how to succeed. If the world were to rest on our gospel, many continents will deny Jesus.
Because what we are preaching, the church in AFGHANISTAN doesn’t need it, the church in PAKISTAN doesn’t need it, the Church in CHINA doesn’t need it. We’re Preaching what we’re Preaching because Persecutions have not come and we have not realised we are in the last days. If you know you’re in the last days, you’ll teach people a gospel that’ll make them come to the point where Dying for Jesus will be an honour. If you have not taken your congregation there, you have not began to help them.

They will not know it.
Wait until war comes, everybody can run from a city. All of those your Prosperity Gospel, people will run from all those things they’ve acquired and still be frightened after about Ten year in CHURCH.

I’m not talking against PROSPERITY MESSAGE, but if that becomes our major emphasis then we’re Children.
Know Jesus my brothers and sisters.
Know Jesus personally
Know Jesus for yourself
Know Jesus!!!

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