Apostle Arome Osayi
Apostle Arome Osayi

The body of Christ in Nigeria is meant to be an army.
Jesus chose his apostles and made 3 special messengers; Peter, Paul and John.
Peter was the apostolic evangelist.
John was the apostolic revelator (Prophet).
Paul was the apostolic teacher.
In our days we also have 3 special messengers (concerning Nigeria);
Pa John Elton. Pa Babalola. Bishop Benson Idahosa.
Pa Elton was the apostolic teacher.
Pa Babalola was the apostolic prophet.
Bishop Benson Idahosa was the apostolic evangelist.
Their ministries were all tied to their encounter with Christ (If you have had a real encounter with Christ, you must have a genuine change in your life).

Pa Elton spoke concerning the prophetic destiny of Nigeria.
He said Africa was shaped like a gun and that Nigeria is the trigger.
He said that Nigeria would herald the original template of Christianity to the rest of the world.
Pa Babalola cut a covenant of preservation with God.
He was a more anointed version of William Brahman (Azusa).
Bishop Idahosa exalted the church in Nigeria and paved the way for prosperity.

Nigeria’s mandate;
‘A Pure Apostolic Gospel That’s Kingdom Oriented.’
Our prosperity in Nigeria is tied to prayer.
We haven’t seen prosperity yet.
Not even the oil boom that was birthed as a result of prayer.
But to prosper, we must pray because we have been sentenced to a life of prayer.

God is raising a people (in Nigeria) that are scripturally grounded and have a good knowledge to see what God wants to do in their generation!

God is raising a body of intercessors who will pray with an apostolic balance.
This is a season of restoration and a season of increased capacity.
There’s been a great shift in the spirit.
Don’t be carried away by activities and miss this opportune season.
Align yourself.
Nothing should be more important to the body in Nigeria right now than to see God fulfill His purpose in the land.
We can only do this through prayer.

The time of every man is divided into two

The Chronological time: the season of labouring and working, the season of sowing or investing your life into the reality of God.This season you have to sit up to grow your life and spirit. This season, praying 10, 48, 72 hours is a requirement. Praying always in the Spirit and eating the word of God. You can pray for 14 days and nothing will happen.
It is a season of Waiting and discipleship

The Kairos Season: the fullness of time, the opportune time, the season of manifestation, the real season.. A season the Spirit of a man gives BIRTH to what is on the inside of His Spirit man. It is the real season of harvest.

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