Rev Ifeoluwa Onitiri
Rev Ifeoluwa Onitiri

As A Minister In Abuja, I Trekked Everywhere Preaching The Word To Many Until One Woman Gave Me One New Shoe.
Yes, God Was Doing A lot Through Me As Many Shared Testimonies But I Was Swimming In Hunger And Poverty, It Was Not Funny.
At A Time I Was Almost Quitting, The Financial Torment Was Too Much. My People Told Me Then That This Stupidity About Ministry Is Turning Me Into A Failure Already.
I Will Need Recharge Card To Be Sent To Me Before I Could Feed The Family.
N1000 Mtn Card Will Be Bought N650. Thunder Fire Poverty, It Was Not Funny.

One Day, I Told Myself, If I Am Not Careful Hunger May Kill Us O. I Felt I Had Faith But I Didn’T Know How To Make It Work.
I Actually Wanted To Get A Paid Job But Never Had The Release In My Spirit As God Earlier Told Me To Face Ministry Alone But Then I Didn’T Know How To Let This Lack And Want Leave Me Alone.
One Day As I Was Meditating In The Word I Got Struck By Mathew 6:33 And Haggai 1 And 2.

Oh God, I Couldn’T Leave There. I Had Been Reading Those Scriptures But That Day I Didn’T Just Read Them I “Saw” Them. The Understanding Of Them Was Burning In My Spirit.
Later, I Attended A Church Conference Precisely At Canaanland, Offering Was Been Raised For Kingdom Projects. I Told God Father You Know If I Have I Will Give According To Mathew 6:33.
I Had Not Finished When A Voice Told Me: “But You Have Something”. Pull Your New Shoes And Give Me”.

Meanwhile I Was On Suit And Wore My New Shoe.
How On Earth Will I Walk Home In Lagos Bare Footed??????
Anyway, I Complied , Pulled The Shoes, Prayed And Dropped It To Be Sold As My Offering To God.
I Trekked From Sango Ota To Iyana Ipaja ( If You Know Lagos, That’S A Far Journey) Before Someone Helped Me To Get To Isheri, Ikotun Road.
But Something Happened, As I Trekked Bare Footed That Long Journey I Heard That Same Voice Tell Me: Now That You Sacrificed Your Shoes For Me, I Will Make Sure You Never Trek All Your Life.

I Had Been Giving Before But This Time My Understanding On Giving Had Blossomed. I Gave That Seed With Light.
My Dear, It Didn’T Immediately Happen, I Came Back To Abuja And God Gave Me Wisdom. You See If God Wants To Bless A Believer, He Won’T Give You Cash, He Gives Wisdom. It’S Working In The Wisdom That Births Financial Breakthroughs.
One Of The Aftermath Of Kingdom Revelations Is Good Sense (Wisdom)
” For God Giveth To A Man That Is Good In His Sight Wisdom, And Knowledge, And Joy: But To The Sinner He Giveth Travail, To Gather And To Heap Up, That He May Give To Him That Is Good Before God…”

(Ecclesiastes 2:26)
That Revelation On Kingdom Addiction Bailed Me Out.
Today Car Is The Least Of My Thinking,They Are There, We Have Bought And Driven Several , Running Projects Worth Hundreds Of Millions And Supporting The Needy And God’S Works As Led By Him.
The Siege Of Lack And Want Was Broken, God Took Over.

Without Prejudice To Hardworking Life Style, Until You Become Addicted To Letting Go What’S In Your Hands To God, He Won’T Let Go What’S In His Hands To You. I Have Turned Addicted Kingdom Giving To My Secret Backup Beyond Efforts.
No Believer Or Minister Or Ministry Can Go Far Excluding God’S Kingdom From His Financial Calculation. Don’T Mind People Telling You Otherwise. Many Are Hungry People Coming To Be Proving Scripture That Is Not Happening In Their Lives On Social Media. Sowing Into The Kingdom Works Is A Must. If You Read Haggai 1 And 2 You Will Understand.

Unbelievers Don’T Need To Operate Scriptures, Many Of Them Do Just About Anything For Money.
A Believer Is A New Creature, All Things Are Become New And That Includes The Secret To Your Financial Life.
You Are Not A Human Being, Mere Human Methods Won’T Take You Far. You Are A Spirit Being By New Birth, You Are Only Appearing Human. When Jesus Ressurected He Had Flesh Infact Thomas Touched Him, The Disciples Saw Him But He Was Not Human Still. So Brace Up Follow God And The Advancement Of His Kingdom Addictedly And It Will Shock You How Pure Wealth Opportunities Will Be Coming Your Way No Matter What’S Happening Worldwide Financially.

The Advantage Of Walking In God’S Ways To Prosperity Is That When Human And Secure Methods Fail ( Inflation, Meltdowns And Etc) And Men Are Saying There Is A Casting Down, You Shall Always Have Cause To Say There’S A Lifting Up For You Because God Never Fails. If He Likes He Will Bring Water From The Rock For You Where Others Are Thirsty.
He Can Turn The Inflation To Celebration For You.
My Point Is This, Please Believers, Jesus Has It All, Just Trust And Obey Him. You Don’T Have To Backslide Or Go Into Stealing, Money Rituals And Cult Because Of Hunger And Money.
Wait For God…..He Surely Will Come Through For You And All Who Have Mocked You Will Celebrate You And Follow You To Your God In Christ Jesus In Jesus Name.

To Every Believer Out There Going Through One Financial Pain Or The Other May The Same Grace And God Catch Up With You Now For Your Financial Turn Around In Jesus Christ Name.
See You At The Topmost Financial Tops
Rev Ifeoluwa Onitiri
President Impact Outreaches Abuja
The Financial Victory Of God’S God’S Genuinely Saved Believers Is Our Call, Mandate And Concern

Rev Ifeoluwa Onitiri is sent of God with the call and vision for the rescue and repositioning of BELIEVERS into their redemptive position of financial greatness through Biblical insights. He is the president of IMPACT OUTREACHES ABUJA, a ministry driven with the passion to fulfill the mandate. He has enjoyed tremendous invitations to minister in several churches, gatherings, seminars and minister conferences across Nigeria and beyond still enlightening BELIEVERS on How to come into Gods financial tops for kingdom expansion & to escape the financial pain associated with the end time.


Website: impactoutreachesabuja.org.ng ,
E-mail: impactoutreaches@gmail.com
FACEBOOK: Rev Ifeoluwa Onitiri World Impact Outreach Ministries 1
Impact Outreaches Abuja

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