My father disowned me from 1981, I went through life without a father. I went to university on my own. Up to the time I graduated from university in 1986 me and my father were not on talking terms. Revival Update. My wife will tell you. It was tension. I was a lonely teenager; I grew up in my twenties on my own.
I have learnt how to fight. I have been a warrior and a soldier. In 1994 I was going to do a revival, my father said he wanted to come, I sent a taxi to go and bring him. They brought him from the village. Revival Update. He had never entered one of my meetings. He came and sat at the back. I preached and finished and the Holy Ghost started moving. I think the Holy Ghost knew my father was there, so the Holy Ghost decided He was going to be a ‘show man’.

The power of God began to move; the healings were instant, the manifestation of the Spirit… I was all over the place. That anointing that can come on me and I would run and skip under power. Revival Update. When we finished the meeting, my father called my younger sister, the one after me. He said, “Martha come here”. She went, she thought he was going to shout. He said, “ah ah, is this what your brother has?” He said, “the idols we worship are nothing”.

Then he said, “I am going home, I am going to throwaway my idols and I will follow your brother’s God”. The following morning, we went and called an Assemblies of God pastor called Peter Window, an elderly man, Victor Window’s father. Revival Update. He came and led my father to Christ. My father went to the village, I travelled to London and our prayer warriors and younger pastors went to the village and they went and told my father “oh their Daddy has gone to London, when he comes back he will break down these idols”.

My father said, “why won’t you break down the idols yourself, are you not also pastors?” Then he looked at them and said “you people you are afraid. But let me tell you something, these idols, I planted them myself, I will uproot them myself”. Revival Update. My father uprooted those idols himself. He became born again, got Spirit filled and my father, when his animals were sick (goats, fowls), you will see my father with a goat in his hands, praying in tongues for the goat to be healed.

This man had seen the supernatural power in the negative, so believing God for the supernatural in the positive was not a problem to him. You see, whenever you see the devil, it is very easy to see God. When you have seen the power of satan, it is easy for you to see the power of God. Revival Update. Sometimes it is a very dangerous thing to be raised in church, from altar boy to chorister, singing man, then you are so lukewarm that at a very point when they want to heat you up, you can’t even be heated.

You know why Paul had the kind of zeal he had, because of the negative. One day we were in the hospital with my father and he was praying over fanta. Then I asked him, “pa, why do you pray over fanta for so long?” He looked at me and said “my son, it looks like you have forgotten. This fanta, we used to drink it only on Christmas day, but now you can bring me fantastic to drink, we thank Jesus”. Revival Update. Listen, some of you are complaining in your Christian Life because the devil didn’t punish you. You don’t value your salvation because you have not experienced satan.

When you see boys and girls who have experienced the world before, and the devil tormented them, even when they are Christians they are poor, broke, no accommodation, they are still thanking God. Because when they were in the world with money, accommodation, food, houses the devil tortured them.
May God help us!

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