My wife was born in Otta. I was born in Lagos. As God may have it, after I lost my parents, I had to move in with my uncle, who stays in Otta.
My uncle was a member of Christian Pentecostal Mission which was the same church my wife was born.
I and my wife were in the same children department. I didn’t like her then, because she appears like a proud person. She didn’t like too because I was always putting on oversized suit
We had a mutual mentor and he’s still our mentor. I was very close to my mentor. The day I knew she was my wife was about five or six years ago. We were in Church one night, she came for rehearsals. She was in the music department, I had a personal vigil that night, too.
We were together with our mentor. So he left to go get something in his office, Judikay was singing a very deep secular song and I walked up to her as a sister In the Lord . I asked her why should was listening to a secular song and she told me she was into music and she needed to score the song. Meanwhile the lyrics was dirty. I told her that there’s no way she would be scoring the song without listening to the dirty lyrics . She got angry and said to me
” This attitude of yours will be the reason why we will never be close ” She said it and walked out.
As she was leaving, there was this KNOWING that I got in my heart that SHE WAS GOING TO BE MY WIFE!

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