My generation has refused to know God…
My generation has turned away from God, yet they go to church…
My generation talk about God but don’t know God.
My generation has decided to love sin than righteousness.
In our streets is difficult to see men, ladies, young boys and girls in love with God but they keep secret and open boyfriend and girlfriend relationship…
Check with me, many cannot stay a day without smoking cigarettes and weed, they can’t stay a day without drinking, but they stay even one year without consulting the Oracle they kept them alive.
Why should I be happy when I haven’t seen a young boy( youth) on fire for God and even if I have, they are rare!
Why should I be happy when our churches are cold…
Why should I be happy when many wake up from their bed and go straight to the bathroom to take their bathe. They never pray!
They never heard from God
You see?
Are you part of them?
I’m not happy and won’t be happy till my generation return back to God.
How will be happy when nothing strikes your heart to lock yourself and seek the face of God.
How will I be happy when many have fallen in love with Money but never fell deeply in love with Jesus
My heart is shattered
How will I be happy when many are perishing in sin.
How will I be happy when evil is becoming the norm in our schools, streets, houses and even churches!
When men do not have the fear of God anymore.
Tell me why I should be happy
Tell me what God did to us that we are rejecting him ?
Tell me why we decided to turn our backs on God?
If I’m happy don’t you think am not myself?
And if I’m not happy, you know that I have the mind of God.
See our secondary School girls and boys are no longer virgins. Most of them tell their parents they are going to write Neco, but they went straight to their boyfriend’s house and their they were slept with…
They quickly clean up, dress up and headed to the venue for the exams!
How does that look?
When men has taken evil, wicked, nude ladies and unrighteous people to be their model…. what happened to our Godly ministers??
Oh my!!
I cannot be happy when things are not going well.
I met our youth leader in church to express my burden towards the youth and the church, how things have not been going well. I told her that I would like us to start up something. Then she cut in telling me that she has always tried her best to bring the youths together but they wouldn’t come together, that they are very very stubborn!
What happened to our congregation of youths?
Our youth are not on fire for God!
But are on fire for immodesty, Immorality and perversion!
Oh Jesus
In our churches, there is boyfriend and girlfriend relationship going on.
Sister will not want her pastor to know else she will be disciplined.
Things has gone wrong!
Back forward to the days of Peter, you wouldn’t hide anything or commit sin without the Holy Ghost revealing it, as in the time of Ananias and Sapphira his wife.
I cannot be happy seeing my generation go to hell.
My dear, tell me are you happy seeing that you can’t pray for 2 hours at stretch!
Are you happy that year to year, you have no encounter with God?
Are you happy that you grew up in the church, but you are going to hell?
Are you happy that you aren’t burning for God?
Ohh Jesus!!
If you are happy then something is wrong with your emotions…
Something is wrong!
Are you happy that you wake up without remembering to pray?
You WhatsApp pray but you don’t have a secret prayer life.
You are a member of 30 WhatsApp revival groups and 100 Facebook revival groups but you personal life has no revival.
Are you happy that you preach in social medias but the sinners in your streets haven’t heard your voice in Evangelism, Calling them to repent from their sins.
Are you happy that your name is among the most fervent persons in your church and your name is not written in the book of life??
Are you happy that Jesus is not reigning in your life??
Obviously, there are so many things to be unhappy about.
My God
Alot has gone wrong!
We need a fixing again

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