I got to know about Jesus as a little child, growing up in a Christian home was an advantage, being dedicated in church and carried along with my parents was a privilege and this gave me a little knowledge of Jesus.
Jesus is the son of God who died to save your sins, if you don’t want to go to hell, then you have to be obedient to my parents as Jesus was and the rest of the things they teach in Children Sunday School, I miss those days
I grew up to know Jesus personally and at age 10, I was already baptized with the Holy ghost, speaking in tongues, seeing visions especially in my dreams. I started writing too, I wrote songs too!.Let’s just say I was burning for Jesus as a kid
Sadly, things changed when I became a teenager, the teenage age is a very critical stage in a man’s life and can either make or mar the future of every man. A stage where life seems like fun and you would want to try out everything for yourself, I felt like that too.

I couldn’t find the fire, writing became boring, I lost passion for the things of God, I no longer saw visions, my dreams became useless. My life was on a different phase, I couldn’t place it but then I didn’t know what to do so I went with the flow.
I made friends with the wrong people, people who couldn’t help me stand, I wandered into this dark life alone, got into pornography and then masturbation, I had strict parents so it helped me stay away from certain places yet I had SECRET SINS!
Mind you I was still a church girl, very active one at that yet I was wandering alone through life without God, which made me broken, I couldn’t find peace, I knew this wasn’t my identity, I still found myself moving with people without passion for God until the Holy spirit reminded me of who I was

I couldn’t run from His unending love, from the peace and joy He gives. I knew He longed for an intimate relationship with me and not a show off in church. He wanted more!
Even in my toughest times, when I felt depressed and had no one to console me, He was still there. I just wonder how much God wants us, how much He wants to have us to Himself and once you are His, you are His! No matter how terrible your sins are, God still wants to have you back, God wants to REDEEM you.

Running back to Jesus was the best thing that happened to me, the peace, the joy, the love, the fellowship I missed! I found purpose, I found a friend in Jesus! I wish I can explain this experience
Salvation is the best thing that can happen to a man, it gives you a reason to live! Life without Jesus is futile, painful and useless! I introduce you to the best place to be, which is in Jesus, if you are yet to accept His love for you this is the time to come unto Jesus.
He wants to have a relationship with you, He wants to call you His own, He wants you to enjoy the peace and joy He gives, He wants to show you His undying love, He wants you!!
Can’t you see, He gave up everything to show you how much you mean, you deserve peace, you deserve happiness and this alone can be found in Jesus, it can be found in Him.
Come to Jesus today, if you are longing to have a relationship with God, you can open your hearts now and surrender your life to Him, welcome Him into you heart and believe in His love
Are you unsaved? Jesus loves you, He wants to make the best out of you, all you need to do is open your heart and welcome Jesus into your life
Have you been blessed? Please, drop a comment and share to bless someone
Do you want to share your salvation story with us? Don’t hesitate

©With Love, The Journey of A Christian Lady

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