GUC is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter and motivational speaker.
He is signed to gospel record label, EeZee Conceptz which was founded by Ezekiel Thankgod Onyedikachukwu.
The label is home to
Mercy Chinwo , Judikay, Favour Israel Adedamola, Chris Morgan and Toby Godwin.

Here are, 18 Things I Have Learnt From Minister Gift Ugochi Christopher (Guc).

1. loving your wife. Hardly have I seen this man without his wife.
And wife too love your husbands… Even when things don’t always go too well. Never start a journey with a man and leave him half way because you think he is down. You are only a runs geh.

2. Start small but don’t remain small. Start small but be hungry for greatness. When it comes…. Be hungry for more greatness.

3. Mentors! Mentors are a bridge to your next level. They are pointers to destiny. What a mentor will see while sitting, a protegee may never see even if he climbs to Pluto.
It is wisdom to stick to the shoulders of those who have been where you want to be. It makes life easier. It makes your future brighter.

4. When people mock you, go back to God and finish the work there.

5. Ignore nay sayers. Pay attention to barking dogs and you will never get to your destination. Only empty vessels discuss people. Only dumb people argue results.

6. Irrespective of age, chase wisdom. Irrespective of the vessel, chase content. Sometimes the best treasures are not always wrapped up in the finest coatings.

7. Don’t despise the days of your little beginnings. Even if others do, make sure you don’t.

8. Never give room for doubters and idle minds in your circle. Don’t waste time to yank them off! Destiny is too precious to be found with the wrong set of folks.

9. Be patient with God. What he said he will do, he will do. It may not come when you expect but it will surely come.

10. Obedience. Sometimes the greatest miracles are always hidden in the instructions you have refused to obey.

11. Follow God… He won’t make your life a mess. He is still in the business of turning messes into messages.

12. Be a giver. Be a seed sower.
He helps people in his capacity.
He has shown us how he gave his wah out of poverty.

13. You must have a Spiritual covering for your life. You must be connected to a source. Because whatever works in life is always connected.

14. Be consistent in your pursuit of your dreams, visions and desire.

15. Never ever take no for an answer. Some times when life gives you lemons. Don’t make lemonades, be creative enough to turn it into a grape juice and leave enemies wondering how you did it and what kind of a God you serve.

16. Service. Find someone you will serve. Find someone to learn from…. Service is the wah to the top.

17. When things go wrong, seek the face of God. In difficult situations you should always ask yourself… What will Jesus do if he were in this boat.

18. Be a man of Faith, be a man of the word and a man of the Spirit. A kingdom fellow without power is only a glorified CRK teacher.
You are a blessing sir

God bless you

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