6 Ways You Can Hear From God!

6 Ways You Can Hear From God!

God speaks to people at various times and in several ways. Every Christian can hear from God.

You have to know what to do to position yourself to hear God when He speaks.

Here are Six ways you can position yourself to hear from God:

1. Study Scriptures 

God speaks to people through the scriptures. The Bible contains His instructions, warning, encouragement, and solution to all issues.

Studying the scriptures helps you know what God has in mind concerning some issues; it also enables you to understand what to do in certain circumstances, especially when you read what others did when they faced similar issues.

Another reason you should cultivate the habit of studying the scriptures is that the Word has the power to transform your life when you read, meditate, and declare it. Also, it’s your key to accessing what you want in life if you use it right in prayer.

You’re as powerful as the Word of God inside of you.

The Word also shows you what to do and how to do it. Life principles are God’s principles, and they’re found in the scriptures. You need the leadership of the Holy Spirit to understand every word in the Bible thoroughly. So read to get the meaning, not just the letters.

The most common Bible study practice is to read the scriptures in the morning and night (Joshua 1:8).

2. Listen to God’s Anointed Servants

God speaks through His servants the prophets. You can hear from God through the mouth of whoever is His vessel.

God used prophets in the Bible days to speak to people; He has not changed; he still uses prophets to talk to His people.

You can receive divine ministration when you read books or listen to messages delivered by God’s servants. He also uses those mediums to reach His people. 

3. Fasting and Praying Will Position You For Divine Revelation 

We ought to live a fasted life if we must continue to enjoy the privilege of hearing from God. Fasting and praying awakens our spirit man, and you will hear God when your spirit man is awake. 

Fasting boosts our faith; it also positions us for Divine revelation. Some issues may not be dealt with unless prayer and fasting is applied (Mark 9:29).

4. Praying For A Long Time

Prayer is the only way we make our intentions known to God. He knows what’s in our mind, but prayer is an avenue to make our request reach God. There are keys you need to get results anytime you pray.

Christians have access to frequent and more extraordinary revelations when they spend more time in the place of prayer. Prayer will make you sensitive to the presence of God around you and also give you the confidence you can’t get anywhere else.

Prayer is a thing of the mind than it is of the mouth. The state of your heart, not necessarily what you say with your mouth, will determine the results you get from prayers.

Spend a more extended period in prayers; this will open you up to a realm of deeper revelations and also help you be more conscious of your divine nature.

5. Pray In The Holy Ghost

Feel free to pray in other tongues for a long time. You can only pray in tongues after you’ve received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Praying in tongues energizes you spiritually and charges your spirit man.

When you pray in tongues, you speak the language that only God and His heavenly beings understand. Praying in tongues plays its role in your ability to hear from God.

6. You Need A Personal Relationship With God

You cannot enjoy the privilege of hearing from God if your relationship with Him is not intact. God hates sin, but He loves us. Evil can hide God’s face from you (Isaiah 59:2). 

God is interested in building a relationship with you; you cannot become truly untouchable until you do this.

Having known how to hear God speak to you, it’s important to emphasize that God chooses how He wants to interact with His people. You’d recognize when He says as long as you remain sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

In conclusion

Having known some of the ways to position yourself to hear from God, you have to practice what you’ve read to get results. Cheers to a life of intimacy with your creator.

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