“WHAT A LIFE!” – Min. Buchi

Min. Buchi

It happened on a visit, several mango seasons ago, to the city of Jos, Nigeria.
A walk around town was indeed a journey through a mango groove. The trees were heavy-laden with fruits, ripe and unripe.
Underneath the trees were fallen fruits, some of them
half eaten by bats and other birds. You didnt have to jump, much less, climb, to pluck a fruit.
Even the trees within fenced houses were drooping and dropping fruits on the road beyond the fences.
The guards did not care if you took a basket-full.

I walked on.
Then I saw an amazing thing! At the street corner, a few meters down the road, stood a mango seller!
It was as absurd as it was comic; but then, an even more amazing thing happened. As I watched,
someone walked up to the mango seller and bought some mangoes!
What a thing!!
As I gazed on, trying to make sense of this strange occurrence, a car pulled up by the mango seller and also bought some mangoes
“In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty.”
Just then the Spirit spoke to my spirit saying, “Likewise, my goodness is made available abundantly in Christ. That which you desire and yet lack is that which you do not see that I have freely given to you.”

We pay tears, we pay toils. We pay pain and the grief
of medical cure for sickness, which is sometimes more
grievous than its endurance. We pay money, and rather than pray to enjoy fellowship with God, we pay prayer and fasting for that which is free.
But there is a place in Christ where there are no toils and payments.
It is a higher life.
What a Life!
Here’s the song that came from that experience…

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