Tim Godfrey
Tim Godfrey

“This song is so key to me, because I wrote the song from the place of pain and just to encourage somebody here tonight, you know. The person you see standing here, once lived in a room with 9 people, 2 parents and 7 kids. We went to primary school all our lives without even a sandal. At some point as a young boy just finishing primary school, I became a houseboy for 3 years, …the person standing right here. At some point, I became a conductor, we were so poor that my dad was the driver and I was the conductor. The person standing here.

My first night in Lagos, was under the bridge in Oshodi. The person standing here. Nothing ever worked, but look at the testimony of that same person.
I want to encourage and challenge somebody here. Every young person, regardless of what you’re going through, we serve a God that specializes in things that are impossible before men, they would have given up on you, they would have said you’ll amount to nothing, they should have said there is nothing that can come out of you, but our God… our God…

I did this song with my adopted twin brother Travis Greene…”
Hey, don’t give up, it’s not over, when you give up, then it’s over…
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